Busy.. Busy.. Busy

Morning All

Just a quick post to apologise on my lack of blogging since my last post which was near the end of November….  Its been manic, with now working 2 jobs and with the festive season here and all the nights out planned its non stop!!

I just don’t seem to get anything done at the moment.. But i have a weekend off, well off to York for the day Saturday and the getting my 1st really Christmas Tree on Sunday, so Sunday afternoon will be my blogging time of all the nice things i have brought over the last few weeks..

Take Care



This weeks highlights… For ME!!

Well this week seems to be semi busy for me which makes a change, and a few highlights which are making the week a little better than normal…!!!

My 1st highlight was yesterday, Monday 18th November as I had the day off work after a night in Leeds on Saturday with the girls.  My Monday consisted of a pj day and just chilling.

2nd highlight of this week is today, LOOK Tuesday, its sad to say but I do look forward to reading it all week.  It’s just a good read jam packed with fashion, latest trends, beauty and real life.


The 3rd highlight of this week for me is FRIDAY, as its PAYDAY and its time to start the crimbo shopping, and treating myself a little of course??  I mean surely I deserve it after I’ve actually worked all the hours to earn the money..!?  There are two particular items which I have had my eye on for a while, which I’m hoping to bag on Friday, One is a Bambi Givenchy inspired jumper from Primark at a bargin price of £10. The other is a Navajo knit from TU by Sainsbury’s, this was pictured in LOOK 2 weeks ago worn by Louise Redknapp.


My final highlight of this week for me will be Saturday, as I start my Christmas temp job at New Look it’s only 4 hours a day but I’m quite looking forward to it but nervous at the same time, even though I have worked in retail before it’s been a good few years..!!
The only thing that I’m sort of stressing about is what to wear..??? This is the outfit I think that I’m going with as it smart, casual, warm & comfortable…


Thanks for reading…!