Chapter 11


Bit late in posting the new month post! 🙈

Anyway, it’s November!! The 11th month of 2018, what the hell? How?

I still can’t believe how quick this year has gone it’s crazy!

Not really much planned this month, hoping to get some things scheduled in and spend some well over due time with The Boy in Liverpool 😍😍😍. Oh and to get some more Crimbo presents!!!

Hope you all have a great November and have lots of plans…


5 Years

It’s Cursed With An Expensive Taste’s 5th Birthday 🎂🎉🎈

Where have those 5 years gone?

I really need to up my blogging game but with a few personal issues cropping up I’ve not had much chance to get back into it as much as I want, but I’m trying to start scheduling more time to drafting posts and getting some good photos.

Chapter 9


B I R T H D A Y 🎉🎉🎉 M O N T H

Seriously thou how is it September?

How has 8 months gone of 2018?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m hoping its going to be a fun and exciting month with lots going on, I have a few birthdays in September, not just mine and I will be a little closer to 40 #eeeekkkk

I have 5 friends birthdays 🎉🎈🥂 in September within 3 weeks of each other, also two of my friends are due to give birth 👶🏼🍼 in September and I’m secretly hoping one will be born on my birthday, so I am a little excited for them to make a safe arrival into the world.

Hoping to book a little break away 🛫🏖 with the boy 💙 for a few days, thinking Italy but not quite sure where as yet? Will be for our Anniversary and for my Birthday.

Also hoping to book a night away in Liverpool for my friends Birthday, and book up to see the China’s First Emperor Exhibition ⛩ at the World Museum – For over 2,000 years, an underground army of life-sized terracotta warriors secretly guarded the tomb of the First Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

So a few things arranged and hope to arrange a few more bits, but that will depend on monies 🧐

Thanks for reading the post!  Have a great day!

Lots of Love

Carina 💋💋


What isn’t there to love about Groupon??  Some great offers with Health & Beauty, Travel, Hotels, Home, Goods, Food and Days out.

I got introduced to Groupon a good few years ago,  I’m not sure by who but I’m glad that they did!!  I have brought a fair few things from Groupon mainly beauty treatments like Facials, Diamond Peels, Manicures, Pedicures and Gel nails.  I have also brought Afternoon Tea’s both locally and in London.  I can honestly say I absolutely love Groupon, if I’m not on the app I’m looking at my emails that drop in my inbox.  I haven’t as yet brought any of the hotel stays or city breaks that they have on offer, I will try some at some point as I have known a few people that have used Groupon for city breaks and they have been good.

My recent purchases from Groupon are:

Sparking Afternoon Tea at The Bull Hotel – Peterborough £21.95

The Aviary Bar Afternoon Tea for Two with bottomless cocktails and a Cabaret – Soho London £46.40 after 20% discount of local offers

3 x Diamond Peels selling price £45 – Paid £38.75 after 15% discount of local offers – Peterborough

All Day Brunch for two at Patisserie Valerie – Peterborough 

There is still a few months left of 2018, and I’m planning a weekend in London with the OH so I’m hoping I can get a good deal on a hotel and maybe some tourist things to do or maybe a nice meal somewhere.  I’m also thinking I may look at some Christmas presents, but this will have to be brought nearer to the end of the year so the expiry date isn’t too close to Christmas.

Well hope this post has been useful?  What good deals have you found on Groupon? Do you use Groupon or do you use another site, like Wowcher? Which do you prefer?

Let me know your thoughts!

Lots of Love


Sister Saturday

I went for a lunch date with my sister today Sat 18th Aug, it’s only taken us 37 years!!!  I know this may sound bizarre for some but my two sisters & I have never really been close as we were growing up but the last 6 years myself and my Middle Sister have become close..  This maybe because after we lost our dad 6 years ago, maybe she thought she would need to look out for me a little bit? I’m not sure?

We met up just after 1pm and headed for Turtle Bay 241 cocktails, whats not to love? Two cocktails for £8, we went for Jumbled Julep with Vodka instead of Rum.

img_1181.jpgAfter finishing our cocktails we headed over to a local Pizza Restaurant called The Pizza Parlour Restaurant & Music Cafe – A unique combination of traditionally cooked Italian pasta and pizzas with feel-good music from the 60s. Situated right in the heart of Peterborough city centre,  Italian owned, local and independent, The Pizza Parlour restaurant in Peterborough is the only restaurant in this area cooking with a wood-fired oven for thin-based, crunch-perfect pizza including our infamous Bada-Bing 20″ pizza – made for sharing…we’re definitely unique!

Below: Restaurant Decor

After we’d eaten we headed to the wetherspoons up from the restaurant to have a drink, then we nipped to The Handmade Burger Company for another 241 cocktail.

Overall is was a nice few hours with her and the weather was good, we had good chat, few cheeky drinks and a giggles.  Maybe this could be the start of a monthly Sister Saturday thing, who knows??

Hope you have enjoyed this post and you have all had a great weekend with friends and family.

Lots of Love

Carina 💋

These Boots 💛

Quick Friday Post!

Just having a little mooch around Primark as it’s late night shopping tonight.

And I spotted these little gems! They are so cute, but I’m not sure I’d get away with wearing them or even suit me!I think I’ll have to purchase them if I can scam me some pennies together 😆😆

Hope you all have a fab weekend, what are your plans??

Lots of Love



My Makeup Revolution Palettes

makeup-revolutionI decided to do this post on a damp Tuesday evening, earlier on in the day I’d commented on a fellow followers blog. She has done a post on Maybelline’s Burgundy Eyeshadow Palette and I had commented that I do like the look of this palette but with being on a budget it’s not something I can go out and buy. Not when Makeup Revolution do some good palettes for a lower price!!

Anyway here is my personal collection of Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes.img_1035Left: Matte Forecast Edit 2017

Top: Matte 18 Edit

I got these two palettes as a Secret Santa last year, they are colours that I use a lot but haven’t actually used this as yet, but I’m sure within the next few months they will get used.These are my two favorite palettes to use when I am going  out, as they don’t just have the colours that are my go to but they also have some other lovely deep, bright and shimmery tones.  I am loving the Flawless 4 palette which is the last photo, it has some beautiful red and gold tones.  I’ve wanted this palette ever since it came out, its priced at £8 in Superdrug but I got mine when it was on offer earlier in the year at £5 which was a right bargain!!!  I absolutly love the red and gold tones in this palette.Affirmation Palette – 32 Eyeshadows

Flawless 4 Palette – 32 Eyeshadows

You can see which ones I use, I need to start using some of the other colours, may have to have a little make up play session on a Saturday or Sunday.  I need to go and have a look at what other palettes they have, and maybe go for colours which are out of my comfort zone!?

Hope to you have all enjoyed this post.  Are any of my followers Makeup Revolution lovers? If so let me know your verdicts and thoughts on there products?  Or are you more a MUA fan?

Lots of Love


Chapter 8

People seriously where is this year going?  How is it August already?

8 months gone, 4 remaining!  What stunning weather we have been having the last month and half we are actually having a British Summer..

So what are my plans this month I hear you ask? Well I haven’t got massive amounts on but a few fun things happening.

4th Aug Girlies & Kids day, hoping the weather stays good, so it will be chilling, drinks and nibbles in the garden.

5th Aug My friends Baby Shower – eeeekkkk which I’m excited for 🙂

8th Aug The boy coming down..  Fingers Crossed 🙂

17th Aug a whole weekend with the boy @ his Niece’s wedding 🙂

That’s all my plans at the min, nothing too exciting. But I’m hoping I can arrange some more stuff or meet up with some lovelies for drinks and catch ups.

What have you lot got planned for Aug?  Anything interesting or exciting..

The Body Shop Body Yogurt

Meet our new Body Yogurts. Cruelty-free and 100% vegan, these fast-absorbing moisturisers have a lightweight, gel-cream texture that’s suitable for all skin types, including dry skin. Apply straight onto damp skin for 48hr moisture and you’re just #15SecondsTo glowing, healthy-looking skin. Made with Community Trade almond milk from Spain, pick from six nature-inspired flavours including MangoStrawberry and Coconut.

When I was younger I use to love The Body Shop and when I could afford to buy anything I always did.  I got these 3 Body Yogurts as a freebie thru  I signed up to there newsletter, so you can get different freebies to try like perfume, drinks, body creams and other bits.

These came in handy when I went away to Liverpool for a few days, instead of taking my big bottle of coco butter I took the Almond Milk and Strawberry Body Yogurts which I used on my legs.  When I collected these from my local Body Shop the assistant gave me her verdict on them which was good to hear first hand if they are any good.  And I have to say that she was right, she said they they absorb really well, not greasy or have to wait for it to soak into the skin, also made my legs nice and smooth.  I have to agree with what the shop assistant said about the product and they also smelt lovely.

I think I would buy the Almond Milk Body Yogurt in full size £8.50 for 100ml , I think that is a lot of money but it would last a while as you don’y need much.  I think I would also like to try the Mango & Coconut scented one as well, so once I’ve earnt some extra pennies on doing surveys I will treat myself..

Have you tried The Body Shop Body Yogurts?  If so what are your thoughts and which is your favorite scent?

Hope you are all had a great weekend?  The weather hasn’t been great in Peterborough over the weekend, windy and rain!!  Bring back the ☀️… Please

Lots of Love