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Mule, is a French word, is a style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed. Mules can be any heel height – from flat to high. The style is predominantly (but not exclusively) worn by women.  The history of Mule shoes:

High-heeled mules were a popular indoor shoe style of the 18th century, influenced by the patten, a backless overshoe of the 16th century. By the early twentieth century, mules were often associated with prostitutes. In the early 1950s, Marilyn Monroe popularized the shoe and helped break its poor reputation. Mules experienced some popularity in the 1950s and early 1960s, and were seen in the 1970s and early 1980s almost exclusively in the form of open-back Scandinavian clogs, but then re-emerged in the late 1990s, especially in its open-toed form (the “slide”), and began to dominate the shoe market for women.

I remember having a pair in the 90’s and I loved them, and wore them most of the time as they were so comfortable, they weren’t nothing fancy just a plain black pair. As we all know fashion does a full circle and Mules have been back on the fashion seen over the last few months, here are a few I’ve seen on New Look which I think I could possibly buy and wear but if I’m honest im 50/50 on whether I would wear them…

Black Cross Strap Heeled Mules  – Sale £9.00, also available in Silver and Bright Pink.

Grey Suedette Metallic Block Heel Mules – Sale £8

Pink Suedette Metal Trim Block Heel Mules RRP £25.99. These also come in a black

Top Left Black Suedette Glitter Cylindrical Heeled Mules £29.99 / Right Rose Gold Wide Fit Metallic Block Heel £19.99, also available in Silver

Bottom Left Light Brown Suedette Colour Block Mules £22.99 / Right Wide Fit Black Comfort Suedette Ruched Heeled Mules £27.99

Out of all the ones I’ve pictured I then I would go for the Grey and Pink Suedette Mules, but  I also quite like the Rose Gold ones too..

Hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts on Mule shoes…

Lots of Love



New Boots 

Had a little browse in Primark this afternoon as had an hour to kill.. I headed upstairs to the home & footwear sections.  I head for the shoes first, priorities.  I wondered round the sale gondola to see what bargains I could see, I spotted some tan coloured boots, I noticed that they were wide fit so I looked for my size and with them being wide fit I go down a size.  I spotted a pair of size 5’s and picked them up and looked to see how much they were and they were priced at £3.. Yes £3 a right little bargain for a Saturday afternoon, I did see the same boots in a different colour but only had a 9 in them ☹️

I tried them on when I got home and I will have to say they are so comfortable, and the heel is just the right height.  I’m looking forward to style them with a few outfits…

Here’s a little video to show them off a little.

Hope you all have had a great Saturday..

Lots of Love



Learning ~ iPhotography 

My phone goes everywhere with me like most, and I use it to capture moments through out the day.  My photography isn’t too bad, as I think I have taken some good shots with my phone but it’s one thing I would like to improve on.  So while I was at work just before I broke up for the festive season we had The Book People visit and leave a selection of books for us to look through and buy if we wanted.

I spotted ‘The Joy of iPhotography’ book by Jack Hollingworth. RRP £9.99 I paid £4, the author is wanting you to capture all those moments of significance and beauty, easily share what you shoot, and have a blast doing it. He is sharing his easy-breezy know-how.  I’m looking forward to reading it and get many different tips on taking different types of photos.

Lots of love ❤️ 




Well it’s the start of a new year… Every one has a list a new year resolutions, but I’ve not really got an actual list.  Yea I’d like to lose some more weight ideally get to 12 stone dead by mid march so that’s my main challenge, other ‘things’ on my list are to enjoy life more, more laughs, love more, make memories, learn new things and to have more travel adventures as there is loads of places in Europe that I want to visit so may have to book a few city breaks but need to get my passport renewed first!  

So over the next week or so I will be looking at different city breaks, I want to learn about different cultures.  One place I know I will be going back to is Rome, I’m also hoping to go to Sorrento in Sept for my birthday and visit the Almafi Coast.  I’m also getting to see Adele in concert in July which I am so excited about!! 

What are you New Year Resolutions or 2017 plans?? Let me know I’d love to hear from you guys.

Happy New Years ✨🎉🍾❤️🎉✨

Lots of Love




Well what can I say about 2016?  Its been an up and down kinda year.

I started the 1st January 2016 in New York, it couldn’t get any better than that really? Spending last New Years in New York was amazing, I loved every second from arriving into JFK to leaving JFK.  I left my heart in the city which captured it a year ago, we landed back in the UK on 2nd January and it all started to go a little wrong…

The rest of January was a pretty crappy month and it didn’t get much better into the next few months.  I was told in Dec 15, a day before I was due to break up for Christmas that I was being made redundant Happy Christmas to me!  So from the the 15th January 16 I was unemployed and tough times ahead…  The first few months were fine, but after a while it was getting me down as I had registered with a number of agencies, applied for jobs online with Reed but not hearing anything back from them was getting a little disheartening.  Then some agencies would call to say they have some temporary work and just waiting to hear back from the company in question, but again there wouldn’t a response..

I eventually got a break thru at the beginning of April and started temping at Whirlpool, as an administrator/receptionist.  The job wasn’t great and wasn’t for me but I stuck at it as it was a form of money coming in and I had to pay the bills each month.  I was there till late June as I got offered another temping role which sounded more up my street and was a little better hourly rate than I was on.  So I left Whirlpool and headed for Noble Interiors, I was her till the 1st week in July as I was successful in a position I had applied for at Baker Perkins before I started tempting at Noble.  I was said to leave as I got on with the guys that worked there well and had picked up the role with ease.

But I was back in full time employment on 18th July 2016 and I am still there now, so it’s going well 😂 😂😂.  But honestly I love what I do and the team I am on are all really friendly and can have a good laugh with, and there is hardly any bitching as it’s a team of men!!  I also went on a Hen Do to Dublin, 27 of us which was absolutely fantastic, I went on another solo holiday to Rimini, Italy it’s somewhere where my dad had been on holiday and he had also mentioned it to me so I thought it was only visitright to go and visit.  And it didn’t disappoint and will be revisiting soon.

From end of sept to the end of the year there wasn’t much going on really, working and a few nights out planned.. Well I lie actually one of my close friends got married at the beginning of September, got chatting to a bloke via twitter which is going well and planning on meeting in Feb (so this could be the end of single life 🙏🏼) and a old school, friend who I’m close with announced that she is pregnant and is due in July, so exciting 👶🏽🍼.

Then Christmas 🎄 & New Year 🎉 came around way to quick for my liking..

Hope you have enjoyed my round up of my 2016 and it wasn’t too depressing to read!?

Lots of Love ❤️ 



Bicester Village 

Myself and my friend Cheryl took a little road trip yesterday to Bicester Village and the MK Centre for some retail therapy and to pick our moods up as it was a year ago on the 28th we were on our way to New York!!  Neither of us had been but always wanted to go, so we decided we would go on 29th for a day out.

Your spoilt for choice with different designer shops, well know like Ugg, Gucci, Chloe, Prada, Michael Kors, Pandora, Ted Baker and Mulberry to name but a few.  It’s quite a big area, which I didn’t realise so many shops to look in..  I will defiantly be returning but will need to save some funds up first.  I went with £200 yesterday and spent just over £100, but I could of brought so much more, I spotted a beaut pair of Versace sunnies priced at £85 , a stunning Michael Kors bag £153 in a beautiful Green and a matching purse £81.  We also had a look in Mulberry and yes I fell in love with the most beautiful oxblood colour bag costing a mere £995, unfortunately the purse strings were bit to tightly shut for that.  But to own a Mulberry handbag is a dream and something I would have to save up for..

I only purchased two items while I was at Bicester, a Michael Kors across the body bag in the same green as the other bag I wanted and a Kate Spade bracelet.  Which I am now sort of regretting as If I didn’t buy that i could of for the Versace sunnies which I really want..  I may pop back once I’ve been paid again and hopefully they will still be there… Fingers crossed!!!

In busy periods you will have to que to get in to the chosen shop, so be aware and prepared to wait in line..

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post..  Keep your eyes peeled for my sale buys…

Lots of Love




December Glossy Box 

glossybox-december-2016-2(Please note the above pic has been taken from the internet)

I had my December Glossybox delivered a week or so ago, but only finding time to put my post up for it. Within December’s  Glossybox there is 5 full size beauty products!  I think that this is a good way to sample new brands and products if your not sure, I pay monthly for my Glossybox and if its a product I won’t use then I keep them and either pass them onto a friend or family member or I put together beauty bundles as presents so its a win win all round.

Here are the products in the December Box:

MDMflow Semi matte Lipstick in Vamp:  This isn’t a colour I would normally wear if I’m honest.  The RRP is £18, which I can say the only time I’ve spent over £5 on a lippy was when I was in New York in Dec 15 which was on a MAC and NARS lipstick. Florence Adepoju is behind this brand, with her cosmetic scientist and her love of music to create MDMflow, the range is inspired by hip hop.  Vamp is a rich plum shade which makes a serious statement and never fails to flatter.

Revlon Nail varnish in Valentine: RRP £6.49 and can be brought from Superdrug, Boots and other good beauty shops. This is a perfect colour for Christmas as well as the name of the varnish, Valentines. Revlon’s nail colours are iconic and deliver an ultra smooth and glossy finish, perfect for the party season.  And with its 10 chip resistant and chip defiant you can admire 10 days of lasting colour and shine.  I’ll be testing this out tonight, so keep a look out for a post coming soon.  I normally have Gel nails with a Christmas theme but I’m trying to cut back as saving for next years holiday..

Essence Light up your face Luminizer palette: RRP £3 and can be brought from This is another product that I wouldn’t usually use, I have contour palettes and i don’t use these let alone know how to do it??  I keep meaning to watch a YouTube video but still not got round to doing that either.  This trio palette can be applied individually or in combination of the 3 on various parts of the face.  You can go from day to night with this luminizer palette with different degrees of highlights from light pearl to  golden glow.

Collection Cosmetics Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder: RRP £4.19 and is available to buy in  They say that Eyebrows frame your face, and when done right they can do.  I do like to have nice eyebrows but not one to spend loads of time on getting them just right. I get them waxed once a month and the pluck and strays out in between, I have been know to touch up my eyebrows up (Lily LoLo – Eyebrow Duo) if I’m going on a night out.  I have also recently brought another Eyebrow kit from when i went to the Clothes Show at the beginning of Dec (blog post to follow). The powder in this product contains tiny fibres to add instant volume to brows and the fine tipped nib allows you to create natural hair like strokes.

Lipcote: RRP £3.99 can be brought from This is a cult classic, 70 years old classic all natural lipstick sealer. It keeps lipstick fresh, apply to blotted lipstick to perfect the colour,  and its water and wine resistant   I’ve never ever used a lipstick sealer, so its ideal that this was in the box.  My ideal time to test it would of been on Sat just gone, 17th Dec as i was on my works do but completely forgot!  

Hope you have enjoyed this post, keep an eye out for my post on reviewing some of these items..  Happy Thursday..  Not long now only 3 more sleeps.

Lots of Love