OOTD 23/10/2016

I was invited to a friends little boys christening yesterday, I never really know what to wear to christenings.  I went for a safe option of black trousers, black patent shoes and rust colour crossover top, casual but smart. See below for more info on where my outfit is from…

Crossover Top Rust Colour/Primark (given to me)

Black Trousers/F&F (given to me)

Black Patent Heels/New Look RRP £22.99

Hope you all have a good Sunday, well whats left of it! I’m currently in bed as I’ve not been too good since early hours..

Lots of Love



High Street Wants

There are so many things that I want at the moment, not just for me but for my home as well as I need to get the living room more cosy..  Anyway back to the main subject of this post… FASHION!!!

I’ve already posted about the below Next jumper as I purchased it before I flew out to Rimini on 22nd September.  But what I didn’t realise was that they did it in Green, I have it in Oatmeal.  This jumper is RRP £34454851


I found these little beauties on Pinterest, and it states that they are from Zara, but I’ve looked on the website and I can’t see them, so I’m not sure if they are last season or new season and just not on the website yet? But they are just so cute and I love the colour…

Double Layer Trousers – Zara RRP £15.99.  I have just spotted these on the Zara website after trying to look for the yellow heels.  I love this bottle green colour..

Dress with Tie waist – Zara £15.99 The dress falls to above the knee. Round neck. 3/4 length sleeves to the elbow. V-neck at the back. Wide belt detail.

Printed Letters T-Shirt – Zara RRP £5.99 Short T-shirt. Round neck. Short sleeves. Letter print detail on the front.

well i hope you have liked some of the Highstreet wants that I like and hope to purchase in the near future..  Most have been Zara, but that has only come from tonight by looking at there website.  There are a few River Island wants also but i will keep these for another post..

Hope you have all had a good Monday, well as good as it could be!

Lots of Love



Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

The world’s greatest hotel, as conceived by the world’s greatest hotelier. For over a century The Ritz London has been the benchmark by which other hotels are measured. A London landmark at 150 Piccadilly, The Ritz has been home to the great and the good, the intelligentsia, the glitterati and thousands of discerning guests since 1906.One of my good friends hit the BIG 40 in the 11th September, so her daughter, myself and two others took her to The Ritz for afternoon Tea.

Its one place that I’ve always wanted to go to, so when I got asked I jumped at the chance..  It was a very traditional British hotel, Union Jack flags draped around the hotel used as curtains which is a great touch and not to over powering.

The tables were set out beautiful, proper silver milk jugs, sugar holders and tea strainers, i haven’t seen a tea strainer since I was like 10/11 years old.  I loved the cups and saucers too.I’d have to say the sandwiches and cakes look yummy when they got brought out, there was 5 of us having afternoon tea and the amount of food that we had was crazy, we finished one plate of sandwiches and then they brought another plate out.  On the top plate there was 4 cakes each, and then they brought out scones, jam and cream and they brought out 12 scones for 5 of us!!!  I mean 12 scones that was a little over the top, they then brought out another top plate of cakes as I wanted to try a cinnamon chocolate one, only wanted one but he brought out another full plate!!!

And all 5 of us were completely stuffed by the time we left, so a little tube ride to Harrods and a walk round Harrods did the trick  to work off the food coma…

Pretty flowers in the toilets🙂

Well I hope you have all liked reading this post?

Lots of Love



Next Embroidered Jumper

While I was waiting for my flight to Rimini on Thursday 22nd September at Stansted airport I went for a little wonder around some of the shops, I went into Mulberry but I was just dreaming of buying a handbag but that will have to wait till I’ve saved up some more pennies but I will get one!!  It’s on the wish list!

I had a little browse in Next, had no intention of buying anything and as I was leaving I spotted a jumper out the corner of my eye. The jumper is so easy to wear and comfortable, it has some beautiful embroidery on the sleeve and shoulders, I then turned the jumper round to look at the back and it had the most beautiful pattern.  Pictures are from the Next website, they also do this in green which I didn’t realise but I will be buying this also as it looks beautiful with pink in the embroidered detail..

Here is the front of Green Version

How beautiful id the Green version, this would look good teamed with a pair of white trainers and casual Mom jeans or a pair of skinny’s.


Hope you have enjoyed this quick post on my Next purchase…

Lots of Love




I recieved this in the post on 15th September 2016. I always wondered how you got one and now I know 😊.  I will be writing a heart felt message and sending it back for it to be displayed in Westminister.

I feel honoured to have been given the chance to write a message and get my cross planted at Westminster along with all the other 120,000 tributes.  We are here today due to the efforts of all those, both men and women that fought in WW1,  WW2 and all other wars as well as all those that are currently on the frontline fighting…  Utter respect goes out to all those that have fought and lost there life, those that are still here to tell the stories and those that are fighting..

We will remember them… 🌺

Lots of Love


GlossyBox Reviews

I’m on a mini break in Italy at the minute and only taking hand luggage to keep costs down, the body items in the glossy boxes I’ve had so far are perfect as only small sizes suitable as all under 100ml.

So I’ve wrote a little review on two items, one recent and one a few months ago…

De Bruyère – After Sun Lotion Monoï. RRP £9.48
The after sun lotion has a strong scent, it does smell nice but for me the smell is a bit too much. It goes on the skin lovely, not too thick or too greasy and it covers well also.

It is enriched with Monoï (gardenia petals soaked in coconut oil) alongside Vitamin E, it will hydrate, nourish and calm your skin. What’s more, it’s totally peraben & silicone-free

Cowshed ~ Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion RRP £20

This will give you an energy buzz with its boosting blend of Lemongrass, Ginger and Rosemary. This luxe body lotion deeply moisturises skin with She’s and Cocoa Butters. It’s made in England and they use natural ingredients, which are packed full of skin-loving essential oils.

I applied this to my legs as they were feeling a bit dry. After opening the lid the scent was strong. You could smell the Lemongrass & Ginger straightaway. The cream is easy to apply and my legs have left feeling smooth. When applying apply the body lotion in a circular motions will increase circulation.

MUA ~ Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette RRP £4

This palette you have 12 on trend eye colours that you can mix, match and blend in a number of different ways to create the look you want! Each colour is highly pigmented.

I now actually have two of these as I brought one a week earlier while I was in town. I’m not sure why I brought it as all the eyeshadow palettes I have are all similar in colour. So I didn’t actually need it!Swatches of eyeshadows: L to 

Rift / Amber Dune / Catacomb / Tectonite / Canyon / Bedrock

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post & look forward to more GlossyBox reviews soon!

Lots of Love



San Marino

I took myself out on a little day trip today 24th September 2016 to San Marino, Italy.  

San Marino is its own country within Italy.  It became independent from the Roman Empire on 3rd September 301a, the computable is City of San Marino and has a population of around 33,020.  It is situated on the Italian Peninsula on the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains. San Marino is neither a manner of the European Union or Eurozone but still has Euros as its currency.

It’s 10km from the Adriatic Coast at Rimini, where I am having a few days away for my birthday..  The highest point in the country, the summit of Monte Titano, is 749m (2,457ft ) above sea level. San Marino is the 3rd smallest country in Europe, only Vatican CIty and Monaco being smaller and I can now say that I have the full pack as I have been to all three…

Anyway that’s enough of the history.  There is a regular bus service from Rimini train station to San Marino, which costs 10€ return which isn’t to bad and the journey on the coach isn’t too bad either, the journey itself is roughly about 50 mins and you get some good views as your going up.  I would say the main points of interests in San Marino are The Three Towers which are located on the three peaks of Monte Titano in the capital. 

The three towers are 

Guaita: the oldest of the three (Constructed in the 11th century)

Cesta: located on the highest of Monte Titano’s summits (Constructed in the 13th century)

Montage: located on the smallest of Monte Titano’s summits (Constructed in the 14th century & still privately owned)

San Marino is such a lovely place, some much history and culture to take in, there is plenty to see and do there, they have a few different museums, there is even a museum of torture so you can see how they tortured people all those years ago, I didn’t go and look round this one just entering and seeing the displays at the start put me off!!!

There are also some lovely little shops and alleys to explore, is just so pretty.  The shops have some beautiful Italian leather bags and purses, as well as a few designer shops too.

Here are just a few pictures of San Marino 😊

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post on San Marino.. 

lots of love