Everyone LOVES Sparkle ✨✨

Now what girl doesn’t love a bit of sparkle..?

Now me personally, I have grown into my feminine side, yes I know that sounds bizarre but its true!

When I was younger I wasn’t a tomboy as such but enjoyed playing sports and watch many different types, which I still do now but not as much…

I first found Tahlias Closet, a cute little boutique Jewellery shop based in Peterborough in 2012 and I’ve been hooked ever since!!!  Natasha the owner is so friendly & helpful .  Always wears amazing outfits and finishes them off with stunning pieces of jewellery from Tahlias Closet.

This is where my user name ‘cursed with an expensive taste’ comes into action.  The jewellery is just beauitful and there is some elegant pieces in the shop and online. I am always looking on the website, twitter, Instagram or pop in to the shop, i just can’t get enough of the pieces and sparkle.

At the minute the two pieces i love are the

AMARA Bracelet £19.00  http://tahlias-closet.co.uk/shopping/index.php/bracelets/yellow-amara-bracelet.html

CARMEL Bracelet £28.00  http://tahlias-closet.co.uk/shopping/index.php/bracelets/gold-carmel-bracelet.html, both are featured on the website along with some other fabulous sparkle…

Well I hope you have all enjoy my 1st Blog post, i have enjoyed writing it about Tahlias Closet, so why not go and take a look at the website, follow on Twitter and add on instagram

Instagram: natashafierro

tweet @Tahliascloset


Take Care




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