Shoes, Shoes, Shoes… but not quite Imelda Marcos… Yet!!

I’m not quite sure how and where my love or should I say obsession for shoes comes from.  I remember from an early age, clonking around in my nan’s kitchen wearing her shoes, that made me a happy little girl..

I’ve selected a few pairs of my shoes to show you, 3 pairs of which I haven’t worn as yet (this is a habit of mine where I buy them and the don’t wear them for a while..) And a pair I brought this weekend while in Leeds.

I’m not one to usually buy Primark heels , but within the last month I have brought two pairs which have been right little bargains at £6 each.  These are pictured below the ones on the left are my most recent purchase, which I brought while in Leeds on Saturday.

I have a small selection of Nine West shoes, when I stay small collection I mean 2 pairs.  Again both bargains not quite as cheap as £6, but both were under £30. The Black Bow Patent heels were £29.99 from TK Maxx, I brought these a few months back but have yet to wear them. The pair on the right, Red and Black snake skin are about 5 years old now, have been worn a few times, comfortable to wear. I got these when I was in Glasgow for a weekend and I brought them for £20..

image I would love to one day own a designer pair of shoes, like Gucci, YSL, Tabitha Simmons, Louboutins, DKNY, or Chanel.  But at the moment this is still on my bucket list. I do own a pair of Guess shoes which I brought from TK Maxx, I brought these for £34.99 so a right little bargain for Guess, not quite designer but I would class Guess as top end high street..??
The shoes in the bottom picture are from Dorothy Perkins. What I love about these are the Red soles, these were a sale purchase a few years back now but still a bargain.. And yes neither pairs have been worn as yet..!!!


Well I hope you have enjoyed this post, and have enjoyed me showing you a few pairs of my shoes…

Happy reading


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