Evening Education: Create your own frock… Part 1

For a while now I’ve always wanted a hobby or do an evening course in something, but I’ve never knew what?

I work within education, so I thought i would see what short 5 week evening courses were available after Christmas. After looking through the list of what courses were available, one in particular stood out for me, as it would be a new challenge for me to get my teeth into. The course was ‘Create your own frock’

I’ll admit that when I attended the first lesson of ‘Create your own frock’ I was a little nervous as I have never done anything like this before in my life, so I was certainly stepping out of my comfort zone. What with not using a sewing machine since I was at senior school and not the best at sewing..!!! But I faced the challenge head on and after my 1st lesson I felt a little more confident than I did when I walked in the classroom. The first thing I had to do was select a fabric, such as a linen or cotton but not a stretchy fabric as this wouldn’t be suitable for a novice that I am with patterns, fabric selection and using a sewing machine for the Kimono Dress which i am going to be making.

1st fabric selections:


I had selected my fabric which I took an instant liking too..


After choosing which fabric I was going with I then had to go to John Lewis to purchase it, only to find out that the fabric I wanted was SOLD OUT!!!! I then had to rush around the day before my 2nd class to get the fabric for my dress.

2nd choice fabric:


The next step was for me to correctly pin all the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut these out and prepare for the next step of constructing the top half of the garment..


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