Forget glass slippers.. We love block heels!

I’m sure all you ladies are with me when I say I can’t help but buy shoes, I see a pair I want/like I tend to just buy them.. Some may be the same shoe but in different colours… Well they do say ‘if the shoe fits, buy it in every colour!!’
And it comes as no exceptions with the below shoes which I am currently lusting after…

I have just spotted these little beauties tonight while flicking through this weeks Look Magazine. They are from Matalan and priced at £15.00, yes £15.00 I hear you cry… With them being at that price I’m tempted to buy all 3 colours pictured..


I have never been one for thick chunky or block heels but I have seen some really lovely ones lately and they are growing on me..

Below are another 2 pairs I am
also currently lusting after which are from
I first heard about this website in Look Magazine last year sometime, I just haven’t got round to buying anything as yet…. But that could all change soon..



Well I hope you all have enjoyed reading this post and love shoes as much as I do… 😀

Happy Tuesday



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