I ❤️ M U A

I have only known about MUA Cosmetics since Dec 2013, which is a short time since I’m sure they have been around a while…

I first learnt of MUA from http://hmfjewels.com/ who had blogged or tweeted about the ‘Undress me’ colour palette. After looking at it I knew I had to buy it as it’s all the colours I tend to wear & suit me. So when I popped into town next I had to go into superdrug to buy it, while I was in there I noticed that they had ‘Undress me too’ colour palette also, which the colours are similar but slightly different but again they are the colours I wear so brought this too…

Whats also good about these colour palettes is that on the back they have a mini makeup master class on how to do the smokey eye effect, which I have attempted and you can see this on my Instagram page, rinisparkle23.


I also have the pro base concealer & brighting kit (pic above), I’m still not 100% sure how to use it correctly so any help or tips would be gratefully received!? 😃
I have also brought a couple of there mascaras which I haven’t used yet but will have to crack open the seal and get using..!!


My other favourites MUA products are there lipsticks, not just for the fantastic colour range but for the bargain busting price of £1.00, yes that’s right a £1.00..

I have a few shades, but my most recent lipstick shade which I purchased was Shade 11, I see this on http://thebeautyvampire.wordpress.com/
It’s a nude/natural colour and it’s just a nice subtle colour to wear, whether it be to work, day out with the girls or a night out the tiles…



My next MUA purchase will have to be either the brow kit or a blusher, but I need to have some spare time to test which one is best suited to me.

Thanks for reading & why not hop over to http://www.muastore.co.uk or nip into your local superdrug store to have a look at there range.



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