Mini New Look Haul!!

Some of you maybe aware that I had a Christmas 2013 temp job at New Look and was lucky enough to get taken on after Christmas for a 4 hour Sunday position.

I can honestly say I LOVE working there, not just because of the discount but the girls I work with are a good bunch and we have a good laugh together.. And at times with being a few years older than most of them I feel like a ‘big sister’

Anyway, back to the actual purpose of this post!

While being at work today and being based at the front of the store and tidying the sale section I came across a black maxi dress with a crochet back design. I eyed it up for a few minutes and then put it back on the rail. After a few minutes I took it back off the rail and showed it to a colleague to get her opinion if it suited me or not?
She said it did and I also liked it and thought it’s £7 so why not? A summer bargain right? So you can guess that I brought it!!

My other purchase today was a pair of tortoise shell RayBan type sunnies. The shape of these are different to what I normally get, I thought I’d try a different style to my ever growing sun glasses collection, which I think is now up to 16 or 17 pairs??
Unfortunately no designer pairs as yet! 😞


Happy reading & hope you have all had a great weekend.. 😃



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