On too pastures new…

Well at the end of May 2014 I will be leaving my life long friend area of PE1 and moving to the PE3 area so new beginnings making a new friend in PE3….

Reasons for moving? A fresh start & to save money, aren’t we all trying to?
Also to be a little closer to getting to work. With my decision to move this means a positive thing, it means it gives me the chance to have a right good olde sort out of everything and get rid of things that I no longer use or want, and may be make a few pennies in the process, as Tesco’s says every little helps!!

The negative to this positive is that I’ve been looking at getting new things to put in the new apartment…. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh

I’ve had a few different thoughts of how I want certain rooms.
My room I’m staying with the shabby chic/french vintage look, it’s mainly just accessorising so I’ll be spying out some charity shops to see what little treasures I can find.. 😃
My bed frame & draws are a dark brown colour and have few cream/white accessories already so will be looking to add some pastel colours in the mix and may be some new bedding if I can find any I like….

I spotted this shabby chic/vintage birdcage lamp shade (from the Range) on one of my friends Facebook profile.. This would go perfect in my new boudoir, so I think I’m having to copy…


And here are some bits I have brought already for my boudoir…


I thought the below would either make a cute tea-light holders or to actually have them as candles??


The picture was £18 from Homebase.


Happy reading 😃


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