Some Serious Shoe Lust Thanks To Primark…

I received an email in my inbox this morning from LOOK, it was for Primarks SS14 new shoe range!! I’ll admit I did get a little excited and did a little dance in my chair at work… eeeekkkk….

I’ve seen these floral ones previous, and they are good copy of Ted Bakers Floral Heel, not quite the same quality but still a good 2nd choice..!!


Left is Primark. Right is Ted Baker

They also have some nice smart wedge sandals which would be ideal for work, which look smart, comfortable and suitable for the summer coming (well let’s hope we get a decent summer!!) The others pictured are the fringed sandal in Tan which I have quite took a liking too..


As it’s summer coming up we will all have our feet out, so we’ll all make sure are feet & toe nails are ship shape and in beautiful condition, but Primark also have some nice ankle boots which I do like to sometimes wear on a night out with a midi skirt which makes a nice change from heels all the time, pictured below are 2 pairs from Primarks SS14 range..


Well that’s my little excitement over until payday rolls around again and can make a purchase…
Happy reading & shopping if you take a liking to any of the above!!

Take care



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