Ekkkk!! New Nails

It’s been long awaited but I finally got my nails done again last night (Tues 24th June) after 2 months of not having any Gel Varnish on.
I have mine done by my friend Jenny (www.bettycrowson.co.uk), based in Peterborough.




I thought I would give my nails a recovery period of just over 2 months, as I have been having Gel nails done since Dec 2012!!!!

Betty Crowson has a wide range of colours, stamps, patterns & nail art in her collection. She also does free hand nail art.
Pop over to my Instagram page Rinisparkle23 to see some of her designs & handy work which I have had done..
She also has a Facebook & Twitter account: Betty Crowson

Gel Nails lasts 2/3 weeks,hard wearing and chip and smudge free…

Happy Reading 😊



Summer ready?

Well it’s that time of year again, and everyone is getting the flip flops out or off buying new ones… But the question is ‘Are your feet ready’?

I’m not a massive feet fan myself, but try and keep mine in good shape, I try and have a pedicure once a month and try and get into a foot care routine.

In between Pedicure Routine:
Step 1:
Use foot file to remove any hard skin.

Step 2:
Apply Avon papaya sorbet exfoliating scrub to my feet and just above my ankle and massaging it all over my feet for 5 mins or so, then rinse off with warm water and towel dry.

Step 3:
Apply Avon all in one pedicure to my feet and again just above the ankle, massaging it all over my feet for 5 mins or so, then rinse off with warm water and towel dry.


Step 4:
I have recently tried a DIY foot soak which I found on Pinterest! It consists of 1/4 cup of Listerine mouthwash (anyone) 1/4 cup of Vinegar and 1/2 cup of warm water. Soak for 10 mins and you should then see the results of the dead skin come off.. I can say this did work, I’d have to try it a few times to get all my dead skin off but I’ll be trailing it for a week or twoo..



Step 5:
Repeat step 1 and then use the smooth side of the foot file to make the areas a little smoother.

Step 6:
Apply a generous amount of cocoa butter cream or any moisturiser to feet, then slip on some cotton socks (so the skin can breathe) In the morning your feet will be softer. It does get the socks greasy, but it does wash out and the cream stays on your skin and away from the sheets….


Step 7:
Apply nail varnish colour or your choice.. And cut nails if needed!!!

Hope you have enjoyed my Feet beauty regime, if you try the DIY Foot soak I’d love to hear your comments & verdicts…

Happy reading… 😊


Bed & New Bedding.. Vintage & Birds

Well finally after 2 weeks of being in my new place I’ve finally reassembled my bed after dismantling it ready for moving…

I’ll admit it I’m not one for DIY, I’d rather pay someone to do it or get some I know. But on this occasion it was all down to little old me.. It’s take me a while but it’s finally up & I’m looking forward to a decent nights sleep after being on the sofa for the last few nights!!


I also found this beautiful bedding from George @ Asda for £12, a mear bargain.
I was looking through there website last week and spotted it, they have some love home bits in at the moment.

Here’s a few bits that have caught my eye..





Hope you’ve enjoyed reading..
Have a great weekend… 😃