Lusting after Designer brands

Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted a high end designer bag or pair of shoes, to date I still don’t own a high end designer bag, purse, shoes or any accessory of some sort.
I’ve always loved and wanted to own a Mulberry piece, whether it be a key ring, purse but ultimately I would love a Bag but with ranging from £300 + it’s unlikely at this moment or anytime soon but looking at there website I’m aiming (December, as a Christmas treat) for either a purse or a cosmetic purse in either Deer Brown or Oak Natural.


After I finished looking at The Mulberry website I switched over to Selfridges to have a look at what high end designer bags they had to offer, I noticed that they sell Vivienne Westwood. A British designer who’s designs are quirky and different. While looking through the selection of bags they had to offer under Vivienne Westwood I spotted the Monaco cross-body bag, embossed with a sleek scaled effect, it’s a simply design but classy and can easily be taken from day to night with its slim design.



Happy Reading



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