Solo traveller!!!



Not long now, my first solo holiday and I’m travelling to Rome, Italy.
I’m excited, but also nervous. I’ve travelled on my own to visit friends but never never ever been on holiday on my own…

So I decided to grab the bull by the horns as they say and book my flights…



8 thoughts on “Solo traveller!!!

  1. I was there this time last year for my mams birthday it’s an amazing city, the people, the sights ah I loved every minute of it you are going at a perfect time it’s warm but not to hot perfect for walking around wear comfortable shoes

  2. I could not tell u the name off any restaurants sorry I am terrible at remembering places but we tried to stay off the beating path mainly down side streets and we found some really nice small restaurants and the ice cream is amazing try and book your ticket for the Vatican before u go as u get to skip the line and it can be long and also the main sights get very very busy in the afternoon so get up early and set off and you get to see everything without the mad mad crowds and don’t eat in the places beside the Vatican as they are horrible only bad meal we had we wore so hungry and took the chance we had an amazing breakfast in a cafe looking over the piazza del popolo it was expensive for a breakfast but it was an amazing place for people watching it was on a Sunday and there was a lot of Italian people eating there also if you come along the chiesa s. Ignazio church make sure you go it, it’s amazing and was one of my favourite churches.

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