Day 1: Solo in Rome

12th October 2014

Well this is my first holiday on my own.. I was a little nervous on the build up to the actual date but as I got on the train heading to the station I felt comfortable and not nervous at all. I’d checked in to my flights online but I went through security and then headed to my gate ready for boarding and then it started to kick in that I was going on my own….

There’s no going back now…




The flight was ok, passed quite quickly. When I landed in Italy the weather was lovely hot & sunny about 28 degrees…



I got on my transfer from the airport to Rome City Centre and then had to make my own way to my hotel. This would be an adventure. I got on the right bus with the help of some friendly locals, but some how still managed to get lost by getting off 2 stops to late and ended up walking for 30 mins to my hotel from the bus stop.
Eventually I made it to my hotel and checked in!! I was shafted and had to go for a little snooze, as I’d been awake since 8am on the Sat morning.





Well not much happened on my 1st day in Italy, so I made my way to the hotel and made myself comfortable as it was a tiring day over all…

Ciao Bella’s



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