Day 2: Roaming round Rome

13th October 2014, this was my first full day in Rome and I had lots of sightseeing planned. I aimed to cover the following and take in as much culture, history and beauty as I could.

* Colosseum
* Roman Forum
* Pantheon
* Trevi Fountain
* Spanish Steps

Firstly I needed to collect my Omnia Vatican & Rome Pass which covers me for all public transport, trams, buses, metro and the train. The pass also included the hop on hop off bus, which did a circuit of the major sights.
If coming to Rome I would recommend this at a cost of €95, it is a bargain as it’s valid for 3 days from the day you collect it.

Pass collected & ready to be a tourist!


The Yellow Omnia pass covers you for the Hop on Hop off bus tour, and gets you in absolutely FREE and que jump to the following The Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel, St Peters Prison (Mamertine), Basilica of St John in the Lateran & Cloister, St Peters Basilica. The Roma pass covers all the local transport and also gets you into 2 major attractions free and after that then you start paying a discounted rate.

My first stop was Basilica of St John in the Lateran & Cloister, the cathedral of the Pope. As this was literally next door to where I collected my passes. I wondered round for just over an hour, taking in the atmosphere, the art work, sculptures, monuments, architecture and just the beauty of the cathedral. Here are a few snaps which I took:












My second stop was to be the Colosseum, The Roman Forum & Arch of Constantino. I was just blown away by the size of the Colosseum, it’s just an amazing piece of architecture and not forgetting the history behind it. The Colosseum is an elliptical amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome. Built of concrete and stone, it was the largest amphitheatre of the Roman Empire, and is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering. It is the largest amphitheatre in the world.








The Arch of Constantino was next, on the way to the Roman Forum. Just the history of both of these places.
The Arch of Constantine is a triumphal arch in Rome, situated between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. It was erected by the Roman Senate to commemorate Constantine I’s victory over Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312. Dedicated in 315, it is the latest of the existing triumphal arches in Rome, and the only one to make extensive use of spolia, re-using several major reliefs from 2nd century imperial monuments, which give a striking and famous stylistic contrast to the sculpture newly created for the arch. The arch spans the Via Triumphalis, the way taken by the emperors when they entered the city in triumph. This route started at the Campus Martius, led through the Circus Maximus and around the Palatine Hill; immediately after the Arch of Constantine, the procession would turn left at the Meta Sudans and march along the Via Sacra to the Forum Romanum and on to the Capitoline Hill, passing both the Arches of Titus and Septimius Severus.









My last attraction was the Trevi fountain, wasn’t much of the WOW factor as i thought it would be, as it was having works being done on it so I’m planning on going back to see it in its full glory. But I did throw my coin in and make a wish…





So overall my 1st full day in Rome was busy but I had a fab day but didn’t get all of what I wanted to do…

I hope you have enjoyed this blog..

Ciao Bella’s



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