With a rare Saturday with no plans I decided to have a chilled lazy Disney afternoon…

You can’t beat a Disney film, and who doesn’t love a Happy Ending, right? My selection included two which I have never seen!!

Here are my choices…


And these are the two which I have never seen… Shameful I know!



I am a sucker for a Happy Ending & a Disney love story… ❤️

Happy Reading



Yankee Candles

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Yankee Candles over the last year, some of them have the most amazing smells…

My 1st ever Yankee was ‘Beach Wood’ which I brought in Germany for about £14, which was a good price as they retail at £19.99. This is now nearly at its end of burning so I purchased a medium and another large Yankee today while shopping in Nottingham. I went for a winter/Christmassy fragrance as the festive season is approaching so I went for ‘Cinnamon sticks’ for the front room & ‘Cranberry Ice’ for the hallway.


I also have a selection of Wax Melts, this is a cheaper way to buy Yankee. I’m currently burning/melting ‘Sweet Apple’.


Yankee Candles are expensive BUT the smells are amazing..


#OOTD – 22-11-2014

I went on a little Me, Myself & I day outing to Nottingham today to get some crimbo shopping done! I managed to get my secret Santa & 2 presents!!! The rest was for ME.. Ooopppssss 😊😆😊.

I thought I’d go for casual & comfortable as Nottingham is spread out for shopping..


What I wore:

Thunderbirds Tee – Primark (Last Year)
Statement Necklace – New Look (instore now)
Skirt – G21 George
Leather Jacket – New Look (Last Year)
Brown Ankle Boots – New Look (instore now)

Happy reading

Fashion Retail Academy!

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved clothes, shoes, fashion, make & jewellery… What female hasn’t??

I remember being round my mums at a young age and going in her bedroom and sitting at her dressing table trying on her lipsticks, eyeshadows and jewellery. Then making my way over to her ceiling to floor length mirrored sliding doors to her wardrobe to see what shoes & items of clothing I could try on and look at myself in the mirror and twirling around, then to hear my mum shout

‘Carina, what are you doing in my bedroom?’
‘Nothing’… I would reply back

At this point I would hear her start to come up the stairs and she would just catch me wipe off the make up in the bathroom!!!
So I can say I have always loved fashion, but more so now. I’ve always thought about working in fashion but never really thought about it until the last few years and now having a part time job at New Look I think it’s brought it out of me more, as I love making customers feel happy with there purchases they have made and make them feel comfortable and help them come out of the comfort zone with getting them to try different trends, styles and colours.

So my 1st step really was getting my part time job at New Look, my 2nd step was to make an appointment with the careers team at my workplace to go through with them my ideas of what I want to do and what routes to take as I have no idea, and being 34 I wasn’t fully confident if I should pursue the field. After my meeting I felt a little more at ease and also a bit more confident in my thinking of what I can do. In the meeting I found out about FRA Fashion Retail Academy, I’d never heard of this before, so as soon as I finished the meeting I was straight on there website looking at what they offered and how it all worked.
The 3rd step was to book myself in for the open day in October so I booked myself in, unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend as I couldn’t get the time off work but I have reregistered for the 26th November and I’m excited to be going to talk through my options and see what courses are available and what’s suitable for me for 2015/2016 academic year….


Mission Statement!!!





Eeeeeekkkkkkk… I could be a student again!!! Scary….

Happy Reading


A years past…..


Well they do say time flies when your having fun!!!??

Well can’t say it’s all been fun but I’ve not had a bad year really, and who’d believe it that it’s a year today, 1/11/13 that I started my ‘Cursed with an Expensive taste’ blog.

I wasn’t sure at first if I was good enough to actually start my blog and yes at times there have been gaps from when I lasted posted a blog and others where I’ve had one or two things to blog about in a day. I just love sharing what I’m up to, wants, hauls and finds.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading and following my blog and carry on enjoy reading about what I post…

Ciao for now…