Yankee Candles

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Yankee Candles over the last year, some of them have the most amazing smells…

My 1st ever Yankee was ‘Beach Wood’ which I brought in Germany for about £14, which was a good price as they retail at £19.99. This is now nearly at its end of burning so I purchased a medium and another large Yankee today while shopping in Nottingham. I went for a winter/Christmassy fragrance as the festive season is approaching so I went for ‘Cinnamon sticks’ for the front room & ‘Cranberry Ice’ for the hallway.


I also have a selection of Wax Melts, this is a cheaper way to buy Yankee. I’m currently burning/melting ‘Sweet Apple’.


Yankee Candles are expensive BUT the smells are amazing..



2 thoughts on “Yankee Candles

  1. I love scented candles, Yankee ones are so amazing! I really love your blog by the way, your posts are always so beautiful 🙂 I am so glad I got to find you ❤

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