Hand & Nail Care

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never really been one to religiously have a pamper routine for my hands and nails, but I would say that has changed in the last year or so…
Especially with my nails as I have gel varnish on most months and if picked off it can cause your nails damage.

So here is my Hand & Nail Care routine.
Step 1 I soak my hands in warm water for a few mins I then take a generous amount of Palmerston Cocoa Body Scrub

I massage it all over both hands for about 5 mins, this will remove any dry or dead skin from your hands I then wash this off and pat dry my hands.
I do this twice a week usually on a Wed & Sun.

Step 2 I then apply a 10 pence size of Avon Care Cocoa Butter Hand Crean to the back of my hand and then massages it into both hands & wrists making sure all of the cream is rubbed in.

I apply my hand cream 4/5 times a day! I have one in my handbag & one on my desk at work.

Step 3 The last part of my Hand & Nail Care is Cuticle Oil. I put a small drop on each of my nails on each hand and massage it into the nail and cuticle to nourish and condition them. I do this 3 times a day morning, noon & night.


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