its been payday weekend for me so look out for some Hauls coming shortly… 




Home Projects Update

I previously blogged on 7th Jan about 3 home projects that I had set myself.  The table & dressing table are still non starters.

The one that I have sort of made a start on is the picture wall.  I’ve changed the wall area in which I’m having it, I’m now having it on the opposite wall, I’ve started to collect some frames, various sizes and different colours and textures. It’s still in the progress stage as I’m still collecting frames, I’m hoping to be done by the end of May so I can get the ball rolling with the picture wall.

My two new projects are storage solutions for my necklaces and shoes, as I have a good few pairs and at the moment I have them in shoes boxes in my wardrobe, and in a corner of my bedroom which is abit of an isaw. I had originally thought of getting a shoe cupboard, but I’ve been searching the Internet and I have seen some quirky storage ideas which I think look quite good so I am going to go with that.

Here are some of the ideas which I am going to put in to action:



The above two pictures is using wall moulding, I have looked into this but it will work out quite expensive, and you have to glue and screw the moulding to the wall, so it could turn out to be a lot of work. So after the moulding idea going to pot, I looked on Amazon and have seen some Cafe Rods which can be used, so I am going to order a few and see how it goes and then put the hanging shoe storage under it. I have also thought about using the cafe rods to hang my necklaces, as I have a fair fewof them also, mainly Statement ones. At the min I have about 4 different areas where they are and it all looks a bit messy.


The above picture;  left hand side, is one solution I am going to do for my flip flops, sandals and pumps. I can then easily see what I have and they will be easy to get too. I can get some hangers from work which is a bonus so I won’t have to cut up some wire coat hangers, I will do before and after pictures and once the projects have been started I will do an update on how I’m getting on and how it looks when it’s all finished.

My ultimate goal would be a Carrie Bradshaw kinda Closet, like she has in SATC 2, but that’s a long way off yet…




Hope you’ve all had a great weekend..