Holiday in 4 Weeks… Eeeeekkkkk

Well in 4 weeks time I will be jetting off to Eygpt for a week in the Sun ☀️☀️.  I can’t wait just to chill out & relax and not have to think about going to work at the weekend…. 

Ahhhhh heaven 😊😎

Three Corners Palmyra Sharm Resort.   



I came across this Website/App via Look Magazine in 2014, and I think I also saw it on Twitter.   It is similar to eBay but just for clothes, shoes and accessories and it’s aimed at females only.  You can buy, sell and there is also the possibility of swapping items with other sellers, so a win win all round really..

I have been a member since the back-end of 2014, I think it is a great way to update your wardrobe if you are on a tight budget and also a great way to make a little money with having a wardrobe clear out and selling items which you no longer wear or need anymore..

I have brought a few things, and i’ve also swapped aswell. Here are a few things that I have either brought or swapped since I have been on Vinted..

Why not Shop my Closet? Come take a look..

Sparkles23 @

New Look Sale Haul

Its that time again… PAYDAY!!!  So it only means one thing…. Shopping!!!!

Some of you may know that I work at New Look part time as a second job, so when I was scheduled in for work to help launch sale the evening before sale went live I thought YES! This would be a good chance to look at what was going in, if there Was anything I liked I’d put it to one side, I started off holding 3 items which then over the last few weeks turned into 8 items.  I was off work today, 22nd May so I popped in and tried on what I was holding, I came out buying 4 of the items which I was holding and added to that was a phone case which was also in the sale.

Here are my Sale buys:   

  915 Paisley Kimono – £5 Sale Price (can’t believe that I’m fitting in a 915 range Kimono!!!)

 Inspire Multi coloured Kimono – £5 Sale Price (This is a size 20, so I’ve gone for the oversized look which I think will look great with a belt round the waist over a white or black vest top or maxi dress)

 Lace Kimono – £9 Sale Price 

 Black Dress with Zip Detail – £10 Sale Price

  Wide Fit Musk Plimsole, Lace effect – £6 Sale Price

I also picked to a set of 3 earrings & 2 pairs of sunglasses. Since I started to draft this post I have also brought 2 pairs of sandals, pair of Black Jeggings £14.99 and another phone case which were all full price…    

 Hottie Sandals in Black and Beige – £7.99 each 

  Set of 3 Geo Shape Earrings – £3.99

 Top // Catherine Catfarer – £7.99.  Bottom // Potter Rectangle – £5.99 

 Striped Lightweight Blazer – £24.99

 Left // Spotty Phone Case £2 Sale Price.  Right // Luna Phone Case £4.99

Well that’s all my New Look buys both Sale and Full Price, I really do need to stop spending, what with just booking a week in Nabq Bay in Eygpt with my friend in June I need to start putting money away but I also need to go through my summer clothes now to see what I have got!!

I hope you have all enjoyed this post.. 😊😊




#OOTD 26/5/15

Yesterday, 26th May myself and two friends went to London for a Posh day out. On our list of activities for the day was Afternoon Tea at the Langham, Harvey NIcs for a drink or two and then to Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant in Covent Garden.

I had been pondering on what to wear for a few weeks as with going to The Langham I was think Posh, Smart and Classy. I went for a monochrome look with a hint of silver and grey. 



Striped Jacket – New Look // Jeggings – New Look // Shoes – New Look Sale // Black Cami Top – New Look // Black Vest – H&M // Jewellery – ASOS & Tahlias Closet // Sunnies – New Look 

The Langham Hotel is very elegant and beautiful, I got a few pics but not as many as I would of liked, but the Afternoon Tea was lovely and worth the money, the sandwiches were delicious and tasty.  The cakes were beautifully made and presented.  Here are a few snaps…   



I would recommend to have the Afternoon Tea at The Langham, yes it is pricey at £47pp but it’s always nice to treat yourself or a loved one and they have a pianist playing aswell which was very nice and relaxing.  After The Langham we walked up Oxford Street towards Hyde Park, and strolled to The Serpentine where we stopped to have a few classes of Wine.  Then we headed to Knightsbridge for a drink on the Fifth Floor of Harvey NIcs.

And then to end the day we went for a meal at Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant in Covent Garden.

Well hope you enjoy this post, hope you all have a good rest of the week. 😊




#OOTD 23/5/15

I’m in London today to go and see Alexander McQueens: Savage Beauty Exhibition. I am actually quite excited to see his work and his creations…

I’d been mulling over all week what to wear as at one point the weather was looking good, with the sun shining but as the days passed the weather started to change..  The question was do I take a coat or don’t I!? 

Anyway here is what I decided to wear..   

Striped Top – New Look

Jeggings – Dorothy Perkins

Boots – New Look

Cardigan – New Look

Jewellery – Tahlias Closet
Hope you are all having a great Saturday.. 😊




#OOTD 22/5/15

It was date night last night with my Cousin Sarah, bit of a belated birthday present to her.. 

We went to Ask for a meal, after we finished the meal we headed to the Cinema to watch Pitch Perfect 2 which was quite good, some great one liners & quotes… I 💜 a good quote!! And to finish the night off we went out for a few drinks & a dance…

Here is what I wore last night..   

Lace Vest Top – Dorothy Perkins

Kimono – New Look (915 Range Sale)

Jeggings – Dorothy Perkins

Boots – New Look

Bag – New Look

All Jewellery – Tahlias Closet, Peterborough 


Here is a close up picture of the necklace, I literally only brought it yesterday, £20 in the sale from Tahlias Closet. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Have a good Saturday 🙋🏼💁🏼




New Nails 🙅🏼

Finally got booked in and got my nails done again by Betty Crowson today..  It’s been a few months since I last had them done and as it’s coming up to summer I’m going to try and get booked in more..

From this blank canvas…  

To this.. 

Right Hand

Left Hand

I decided on a Lilac this time, a nice soft colour to get ready for Summer. I’m booking in again for the end of June so no doubt I’ll be looking at what design I will have next. If you have any ideas, comment on this blog or any other nail post I’ve done as I’d love to see what my readers like…. 

Hope your all having a great Friday… Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend!! 😃




Nail Art Ideas…!!!???

I’m getting my nails done on Fri 22nd May, but I’m not sure on what to get? I’m thinking colourful as with summer coming and as always something different on my accent finger…

Here’s some ideas I’ve seen.

Idea 1
Idea 1


Idea 2
Idea 3
Idea 4

I’m loving this Lilac, think I’ve found the main colour….!!! #eeeekkkk 💅🏼

Idea 5
Idea 6

I’m also loving this side sparkle✨✨✨✨

Idea 7


Idea 8
Idea 9
Idea 10
Idea 11
Idea 12

Let me know what you think ladies.. 💅🏼

Always good to have people’s thoughts or ideas… 😀😊




New College Stamford Fashion Show April 2015

I attended the annual New College Stamford Fashion Show last night, 22nd April 2015 at the Borderville Sports Centre.

There was a huge number of students involved in the Fashion Show, Students from Level 2 & 3 Fashion, Level 3 Hair, Level 2 Media Make up and also Music & Performing Arts students.

Some pictures from the Fashion Show




   All the outfits you see in the pictures have been made by the students, and the make up and hair has also been done by the students.  It’s a great way to showcase their talents…

I would love to be more artisitic – I’m one of those people with lots of ideas but absolutely no practical talent – and I am always amazed at the inventiveness of all of the skills on show; the fashions, the hair and the make-up.  It was very clear that a huge amount of work had gone into preparing a very professional and hugely enjoyable evening.  

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post and impressed with some of the talent that have been shown in these pictures.




PS… Apologises in the lateness of me posting this, as the event was in April but I’ve only just got time to site down and apply a few hours to my blog as it’s been a busy month with work and having abit of a social life!!!

Thank You 😘😘

I’d just like to say THANK YOU for following my blog…. Today, 20th May I have hit 100 followers it’s taken over a year but I’ve got there.. Phew!

Hey I must be doing something right?   


I really hope you all carry on enjoying & reading my blog. I love hearing what you all think and reading your comments!

Happy Wednesday Peeps