Primark Haul

I am a little late in posting this haul, as I went shopping with my April pay, which I was meant to be sensible with but shock it never happened and I ended up going for abit of retail therapy…

I’d only nipped into Primark for a browse on the 25th April, I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything as I was killing an hour before I met two friends for lunch, but as I walked around I ended up picking a few things up and the next thing I know I’d spent £50!!!!  Since the purchase and posting this blog I have taken two items back as they didn’t fit well. 

Here are my buys from Primark for April



Slim Fit Trousers Black & Beige £9.00 each 


Frozen Tee £6.00 – As soon as I saw this I had to have it been wanting one for a little while… 😃 

Green Cami £4.00

 Printed Cami £4.00

 Pack 5 Pattern Socks £2.50

I think I have saved the best buy till last, my bargain of the day!!!!  The RRP is £25.00 and it was marked down to £5, yes £5 a right billy bargain, and from Primark I was like I’ll have that thank you  very much!!!!

So here it is: The Rainbow Boucle Coat   



Well that’s my April Primark Haul complete. I hope you have enjoyed reading it and like my buys, May payday isn’t that far away so there maybe another Primark Haul coming soon….

Hope you are all having a good week so far??





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