New College Stamford Fashion Show April 2015

I attended the annual New College Stamford Fashion Show last night, 22nd April 2015 at the Borderville Sports Centre.

There was a huge number of students involved in the Fashion Show, Students from Level 2 & 3 Fashion, Level 3 Hair, Level 2 Media Make up and also Music & Performing Arts students.

Some pictures from the Fashion Show




   All the outfits you see in the pictures have been made by the students, and the make up and hair has also been done by the students.  It’s a great way to showcase their talents…

I would love to be more artisitic – I’m one of those people with lots of ideas but absolutely no practical talent – and I am always amazed at the inventiveness of all of the skills on show; the fashions, the hair and the make-up.  It was very clear that a huge amount of work had gone into preparing a very professional and hugely enjoyable evening.  

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post and impressed with some of the talent that have been shown in these pictures.




PS… Apologises in the lateness of me posting this, as the event was in April but I’ve only just got time to site down and apply a few hours to my blog as it’s been a busy month with work and having abit of a social life!!!


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