New Look Sale Haul

Its that time again… PAYDAY!!!  So it only means one thing…. Shopping!!!!

Some of you may know that I work at New Look part time as a second job, so when I was scheduled in for work to help launch sale the evening before sale went live I thought YES! This would be a good chance to look at what was going in, if there Was anything I liked I’d put it to one side, I started off holding 3 items which then over the last few weeks turned into 8 items.  I was off work today, 22nd May so I popped in and tried on what I was holding, I came out buying 4 of the items which I was holding and added to that was a phone case which was also in the sale.

Here are my Sale buys:   

  915 Paisley Kimono – £5 Sale Price (can’t believe that I’m fitting in a 915 range Kimono!!!)

 Inspire Multi coloured Kimono – £5 Sale Price (This is a size 20, so I’ve gone for the oversized look which I think will look great with a belt round the waist over a white or black vest top or maxi dress)

 Lace Kimono – £9 Sale Price 

 Black Dress with Zip Detail – £10 Sale Price

  Wide Fit Musk Plimsole, Lace effect – £6 Sale Price

I also picked to a set of 3 earrings & 2 pairs of sunglasses. Since I started to draft this post I have also brought 2 pairs of sandals, pair of Black Jeggings £14.99 and another phone case which were all full price…    

 Hottie Sandals in Black and Beige – £7.99 each 

  Set of 3 Geo Shape Earrings – £3.99

 Top // Catherine Catfarer – £7.99.  Bottom // Potter Rectangle – £5.99 

 Striped Lightweight Blazer – £24.99

 Left // Spotty Phone Case £2 Sale Price.  Right // Luna Phone Case £4.99

Well that’s all my New Look buys both Sale and Full Price, I really do need to stop spending, what with just booking a week in Nabq Bay in Eygpt with my friend in June I need to start putting money away but I also need to go through my summer clothes now to see what I have got!!

I hope you have all enjoyed this post.. 😊😊





4 thoughts on “New Look Sale Haul

  1. Hello, I very much enjoyed going through your post; super cool, interesting (and stylish too!!) Looks like you had a lot of fun!Keep it up! Come check out my blog if you get the chance, I recently posted my favourite looks from Cannes film festival, would love to know what you think?
    Keep blogging,

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