PRIMARK Sandals 

I was in Nottingham over the weekend for a friends Hen Do.. While I was there I had a little wonder around the shops.  While waiting for some friends who were busy buying some MAC make up I spotted some nice sandals on a lady who was in there shopping, I asked where she got them from and she said Primark.

I was shocked because they looked more expensive!!! So off I toddled to primark while the Girls I was with were still shopping in MAC..  I headed straight to the show section upstairs when I got there, I spotted them straight away and I think it was meant to be for the gold ones as there was only one size 6 left, bonus! The other pair I got were the same style but in a snake skin but had to get a 7 as there was no 6’s, so I may try and swap at my local one if not I’ll just keep them.   

 These were a right billy bargain, £4.00 each.
They are so comfortable, like slippers!





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