The weekend of the 31st July to 2nd August, me and a girlfriend gatecrashed a hen do going to Newcastle, well we gatecrashed it a few months earlier through another friend that was going….  Out of the party of 23 lasses from Peterborough heading to The Toooooon I knew 2 and my friend knew 1.    

So off I headed to the train station to met the other two I was travelling with, the day didn’t start great as I smashed a bottle of wine before I even got on the platform and then we nearly missed the train as someone wanted a coffee..  We got to Newcastle about 2:30, where we went straight to our hotel as we had to meet at 5:30 as we had a table booked at Pizza Express, on the way we popped into a nice chilled bar called Fitzgerald’s.  They did various different cocktails, I opted for a Cherry Brandy Sour which was lovely..

After finishing our drinks and the meal we went on to some other bars before hitting Tiger Tiger, which wasn’t that great to be fair.  Six of us went on to Opera Bar which is in The Gate, it was quite a nice bar, not too busy have a live singer on so we chose to sit in there and have a few drinks.  I chose a Flirtini, which had various Raspberry flavored alcohol in it.  It was delish and it be me feel all SATC, Carrie Bradshaw Style..  

Had a FAB weekend over all, met some lovely ladies…  Love Newcastle, friendly & vibrant city.. 

I will be returning! 





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