British Museum

This post is a little late, honestly i forgot that i had started a draft post!!!!

I had a day in the Big Smoke on Sat 18th April 15 for my friends birthday celebrations. Her and her cousin went to watch Wicked the musical while I went off on my own for a few hours.. I heard a few good things about the Egyptian & Mummies section at the British Museum, so off I went.. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the museum, I thought it would be a little like The Natural History Museum, a grand old entrance.  But to my surprise it was a large space which was light & airey..

The outside of the build to me is deciding to what you think it’s going to look like inside…

Front of Museum 


Inside – Entrance 


The main reason for me going to the British Museum was the Egyptians, as I’d heard that the mummies were quite impressive, so as soon as I arrived I head to the rooms which these were located. My 1st impression? I wasn’t very impressed, but as I went further round the rooms which they were in it become more interesting..

Egyptian Section 



After wondering around the Egyptian section I made my way to the Roman Empire section, i headed this way what with visiting Rome last year, i wanted to see more of the culture and history that the British Museum had to offer.

Roman History Section 


There were a number of other sections to browse around but i was only interested in the Egyptians and the Romans.  As i was heading out of the Museum i spotted a statue from A night at the museum… The Easter Island Statue!!!!

Well hope you enjoyed this late post….





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