Ice Bar London


Step into ICEBAR LONDON, a cold sensory experience where the walls, bar, tables and even your own personal glass are made from crystal clear Torne River ice which is harvested from the pristine winter wonderland of Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden.

 Myself and 2 friends visited the Ice Bar on Friday 21st August, none of us had been before so we thought we would give it a try. We pre booked which worked a little cheaper than it would be if you paid on the day, in the price you get your 1st drink free.  It’s not a big space and if you got too many people in their it would just be to busy, we were ok as we were booked on the 1st session at 1:15 and their was about 9 of us in there which was just right.

1st lot of cocktails  


Pineapple Express Cocktail

Cheryl enjoyed her glass too much!!!

ICEBAR LONDON is operated in 40 minute time slots and you will be given a designer thermal cape with a hood and gloves to keep you warm during your visit. There isn’t  a great deal to do apart from drinking cocktails in -5c and taking pictures with some of the sculptures in there, the length of time you get is just about right but if you want to get out earlier then you can by pressing an exit button.  I would say to go and try it as it is good, at the moment the theme is Frozen Food. Once a year the entire bar is completely transformed with a new design theme and layout by a team of skilled ice designers and sculptors, using new ice from the Torne River in northern Sweden, a source which has long been highly regarded for its unique purity.  The next theme is coming in September 2015, so it will be good to see what theme they go for this time…

Hope you have enjoyed this post & hope you all have a great Saturday..

Ciao for now.





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