I’m Reading


Since the 2nd week of January I’ve got back into reading.. I tend to go through periods where I’m reading and the go 6 months without reading.

I selected the above six books to read for the next few months.  Out of the above I have read Entwined with you and Captivated by you which were both quite good, they are along the same lines as ‘fifty shades of grey’.  After I finished reading those books, I picked up ‘The book of you’ while I was in WH Smith on saturday and after reading the back it sounded a good read so I borrowed it from work and started to read it, it is quite a good book but I’ve had spells where I’ll read a few pages and then won’t pick it up again, I didn’t think it was a sort of book I would read while I was on holiday, so I started to read ‘No-one ever has sex on a Tuesday’ which is quite funny, but again I started to read the book while I was on holiday and I’ve read a few chapters and then put it down and haven’t picked it up since.

But I have found the reading bug again and since Sunday 23rd August I have picked up ‘The book of you’ again and getting back into the book, and I am aiming to finish it by the end of August… Wish me luck!


I have many books laying round the house which I have to read and I have also seen some others on Amazon which I want!

Hope your all having a great Tues-day

Ciao for now




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