Makeup Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar 

After seeing all the different beauty advent calendars that were around last year I had said to myself that I was going to get one this year. I’d completely forgot to till about October time when I started to look, there was three that I was interested in were Makeup Revolution, W7, House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer’s.

I’d completely forgot to order one, so when it come to the end of November I started to panic as I didn’t have one to open on the 1st December, so I frantically started looking what was available on the web but wasn’t to expensive. I had looked on Cosmopolitan website as they had the top 10 best beauty advent calendars, W7 and House of Fraser were listed so I loaded up there websites but you can’t order from W7 as it just shows where they supply too, with the House of Fraser advent calendar I couldn’t actually  find it on the website so I just left that one and close the web page down.  I had also tried M&S but it was sold out, but it does look impressive, as I have seen a few of the items as my friend was lucky enough to get her hands on one!

So ended up looking at the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar on the Superdrug website RRP £50 but was priced at £20.  When looking online it was out of stock and I’d clicked on the link to let me know when it will be back in stock, I did sort of think that it probably wouldn’t come back in stock but I checked again in the evening when I got home from work and it had come back in stock so I ordered it there and then, I was so excited when I bagged myself one.. 

 So I have 5 pockets to open, so here is what I have got so far in my advent calendar..

1st Dec   2nd Dec  3rd Dec

 4th Dec

  5th Dec
All of the goodies

  I’m looking forward to what else is to come..

Happy Saturday People






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