Wardrobe Hits: Culottes

Well they do say that fashion does full circle!!

Here’s just a little history on the culottes (from wikipedia)

Culottes are an item of clothing, originally the knee-breeches commonly worn by gentlemen of the European upper-classes from the late Middle Ages or Renaissance through the early nineteenth century. This style of tight trousers ending just below the knee was first popularized in France during the reign of Henry III (1574–1589).[1] Culottes were normally closed and fastened about the leg, to the knee, by buttons, a strap and buckle, or a draw-string. During the French Revolution of 1789–1799, working-class revolutionaries were known as the “sans-culottes” – literally, “without culottes” – a name derived from their rejection of aristocratic apparel.[2] In the United States, only the first five Presidents, from George Washington throughJames Monroe, wore culottes according to the style of the late 18th century.[3][4]

I mean I remember having a pair of white culottes when I was younger, I think I was about 11 or 12 at the time, so the 1990’s.  And they have made there way back into the world of fashion, I would love another pair but I have a bit of a dilemma. So what is the dilemma, I hear you ask?  And my reply would be my height, with only being 5’4 I’m not sure if they would look right on me?  Yes I wore them when I was younger but I wasn’t really that fashion conscious back then…

I would LOVE to hear what all your thoughts are on culottes, the only way I think for me would be to try some on in various shops and see what they actually look like, I mean i would go for plain just so i know that I will feel and look comfortable and jazz the outfit up with a vibrant top or accessories.

Lots of Love





It will be 4 years on 2nd June that I lost my dad, the last few years I’ve always done a Macmillan coffee morning but this year I wanted to do something different.  After looking over the website I saw they were doing some hikes, so I thought right I’ll I’m going to challenge myself and register and that’s what I have just done!
I will be part taking in the South Coast Mighty Hike 2016 on Saturday 11th June 2016.
There is a link below if you would like to donate, all donations are welcome large or small…..
Or text STEA67 with the amount to 70070
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend… And have lots of fun…
Lots of Love

New Look Haul

Sale Shoes

It’s not a shock that I’ve been buying again in New Look and shock horror its S H O E S!! Not that I actually need anymore!!

I hadn’t really had a proper look at the sale shoes at work, as I only worked for a few hours on Boxing day and didn’t really get chance to look as we were quite busy, so my 1st shift back at New Look was on Saturday 9th Jan 2016 since I have been back from NYC.  I was on footwear for my 4 hour shift on Saturday so I had a good look at what shoes were in the sale. Here is what I picked up

  Tan Kiwi Shoes -Sale price £5.00

 Gold Kiwi Shoes – Sale price £5.00
 WF Tenement Bronze – Sale price £8.00

Full Price Buys

I also made another cheeky purchase on Sunday 17th Jan, so we have had some new stock in and I want to start looking more smart and ladylike while I’m at New Look. So I purchased a Draw cord Shirt in Grey RRP £24.99, you can see a picture of this on my Interview Attire post. They do this in Black, Khaki and a Charcoal, I LOVE this style of shirt dress and will be getting it in Black and maybe the charcoal, they are so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down.

I also brought the Kim striped shirt RRP £12.99, its a beautiful shirt and can be worn easily, dress it up or down. I brought some beige plimsolls in Dec which would go perfect with this shirt and a pair of ripped jeans for a casual look.


Light Brown Grain Slip On Plimsolls RRP £12.99

Hope you have enjoyed this post & have a great weekend…

Lots of Love



Fashion wants…

There is so many things I want at the min, and after reading this weeks Look magazine more has been added to the list…

But with my current situation, being unemployed I can’t really justify spending money on clothes and other stuff I want.  I could sort of justify some purchases as i do need some new works clothes and with working at New Look and getting a 50% discount its not to much of a dint in the purse strings..


I’ve fallen in love with this front split skirt, so will have to go and see if we have it in our Primark, and a bargain price of £10.00
   Miss Selfridges


Below – DesignerPeter Pilotto. I love this skirt but its a little out of my price range, but would lovely with a nice plain white or cream cami top.

The New ‘It’ Bag – Manu Atelier Pristine box bag SS16. From £310.00.  These bags are stunning and quirky, and I don’t think the price tag isn’t too bad to be fair, if I was to buy one I’d have to go for a plain colour, like a red just to set an outfit off!!

Well that’s just a few of my fashion wants, there are plenty more but it would just make this a long post so I’ve cut it short.. lol

Happy Thursday People 🙂

Lots of Love



Interview attire

Just before I broke up for Christmas I was told that I was being made redundant, the department I was working in was having a restructure.  I applied for the new role, but was unsuccessful in getting an interview, so my time was up and left my job on 15th January 2016.

So at this moment in time I am unemployed, well not completely unemployed as I have my Sunday job at New Look but being on minimum wage this isn’t going to pay the bills so I am on the hunt for a new full time job.  My field I have worked in over the last 9 years has been facilities management within the education section, I’m not sure if I want to stay in this field or change my career path.  I know what career I’d love to work in is fashion but I have no qualifications in the area, well only my foot in the door is my retail experience with working at New Look.

Anyway back to the purpose of this post, I had a job interview at Ideal World – Home shopping channel on Wed for a 4 month temporary contract for a HR Administrator.  The interview went ok struggled on one question and stumbled my words but apart from that it was good.  I should hear by Friday  if I was successful so fingers crossed.

Here is my Interview attire:

 Silver Statement Necklace – Christmas Present

  Grey Shirtdress – New Look RRP £24.99

Sleeveless Blazer – New Look £24.99 (Last season)

Black Boots – New Look – Sale Price £10.00 (2014 buy)

Hope you are all having a good week? Best get off and get on with the job hunting…

Lots of Love



A List Glow

It’s Tuesday 19th Jan and after coming home this afternoon, I picked up my weekly delivered Look Magazine of the hallway floor.  I look forward to a good read in the form of a magazine, as it has a bit of everything from real life, beauty, fashion, reviews and celebrity gossip…

One article which caught my eye in this weeks Look on ‘The 85p wonder staple that promises an A-List glow’.  After reading the article, celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas advises that she loves paprika for the skin, its helps flush out any impurities from the tissue and increases circulation which leaves you with a rosy glow.  It also helps even out the skin’s pigment and strengthens elasticity while protecting against photo ageing.

This wonder staple is Paprika, and it’s rich  in antioxidants and Vitamin C, both of these promote the production of collagen in the skin, plumping it up to perfection.  It can also possibly help with acne as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  I’m going to have to try this, you mix the paprika with honey until you get a paste consistency which it makes it easy to apply.  You have to leave it on for 10 mins and then rinse of thoroughly. And then apparently i will be glowing from ear-to-ear…

I’ll be following this post up with a post on the actual face-mask.

Lots of Love




Iceland has always been on my list of places to visit, but I’ve never quite made it.  So I’ve decided that 2016 I am going to go, there are some amazing things to see and do while in Iceland the main place I will visit is Reykjavik.

After reading Travelling the world solo  blog posts on Iceland its made me want to go even more, some of the things she has done while she is out there is amazing.  The main sights which i wanted to do was The Northern Lights & Blue Lagoon Spa.  I now want to add the following to the TO DO List Dog Sledging, Waterfalls and Glazier hike and Geysir.

So I have started my investigating and planning..  If there is any other of my followers that have been and can suggest things that would be fab.  As I’m not sure when its best to go, where to stay or who to fly with??  Whether to do it through an operator or book it all myself…

Hope you have all had a great weekend..

Lots of Love




A little treasure…

I found this little treasure ‘December issue’ in a local Spar shop on Wednesday.. HELLO Fashion Monthly magazine, it’s a good little magazine it has high end to high street fashion, also has beauty items also..

And looking thru they do a subscription for a year for £9.99 what a bargain so I’ll be signing up to this to see what the rest of the months are like!! 

Hope you all have a fab weekend…

Lots of Love



Scrabble Crafts

I’ve been wanting to do a craft project for a little while, I have stuff to make candles which I haven’t done, to customise plain phone cases but again I haven’t done it.  

My next idea was scrabble word pictures, I’ve brought the frames, scrabble letters, wooden hearts and backing paper.  I just needed to actually get the activity started! I was at work one day in December and was talking with a colleague who said that he was going to get his wife one for Christmas I suggested to him I’d do it for him for free so I get the practise. Well this is the only chance I’ve had to do it.. So here is my 1st finished piece, not the best a few more to do to get it right…

 So I’ll keep practising and seeing how they turn out and possibly maybe sell them..

Money maker??

Happy Hump Day



New York Purchases 

The one thing I was looking forward to while I was in New York was the shopping.. Its all about the shopping!

It’s just as Carrie says, Women go to New York for the two L’s.. Labels & Love.  I definitely got labels but unfortunately i did’t find Love….

So here are my New York purchases.

SEPHORA I’d never heard of this store until a friend of mine told me before I went I wasn’t sure what it sold but I sort of had an idea it was make up! We popped in on our last day to have a good look around and I picked the below items..

Macy’sCalvin Klein I hadn’t really thought about buying shoes, a shock I know as I love shoes..  I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them, there was another 2 pairs in metallic colours which I also fell in love with… These were $99 dollars but I got a 10% discount as I was a UK Traveller!!

I am a B I G SATC fan, and while I was in New York I had to do the SATC Tour,  I prebooked this before I went and paid about $35 dollars.. The first stop ‘The Pleasure Chest’ where Miranda introduced Charlotte to the Rabbit..  We were allowed a little browse around and purchase anything if you wanted.  I opted for the SATC books see below..

Macy’s – These Nike trainers were another purchase from Macy’s, there were originally $84.99 reduced to $64.98.  When we were shopping in Macy’s on New Years Day they had an additional 30% off, but I got an additional 15% as when looking at the front of one of the trainers there was like a yellow stain so they said they would take another 15% off as they were damaged so I paid $38.65.  But after getting them home and looking at them again the stain isn’t visible!!! So a nice little bargain.
   Bloomingdale’s – M.A.C Lipstick in Viva Glam VI $17.00Michael KorsBleecker Street..  This was my 1st New York purchase, this Michael Kors shop isn’t far from ‘Carrie Bradshaw’s The Stoop’ which is featured on SATC.  All that went on the SATC tour got 20% off at the Bleecker Store, so the Sunnies (MK6014) were $85.93 and the Small across the body bag (32S4GTVC3L) was $128.50

Kate Spade789 Madison Ave.  When I walked in nothing really jumped out at me.  Then out the corner of my eye I caught glimpse of a wallet/purse in a mulled wine colour, but put it back down as I couldn’t see a bag the same colour to match that was on sale.  As we wondered to the back of the store, Alice one of the sales assistants said we have another 2 floors with more bags and shoes for sale.. I’m sure you can guess my reaction so off I followed Alice up the stairs to the top floor where more bags were sitting pretty. Thats when I spotted the Small Ella Bag RRP $298.00 Sale price $238.00, additional 25% off so I paid $178.50.  I then had to go back downstairs to pick up the Lacey Wallet to match the bag RRP $198.00 Sale price $142.00, additional 25% off so I paid $106.50.  I also got some jewellery and an address/occasions book.
 If you are in New York and go into Kate Spade at 789 Madison Ave ask for Alice, she was a lovely sales assistant and a great help 🙂 I love this bag and matching purse in a mulled wine colour..

 Michael KorsBrookfield Place.  We had finished at the 9/11 memorial and took a wondered round to get a coffee and a piece of cake, we weren’t sure where we were going but end up in a small mall, in Brookfield Place where we found another Michael Kors shop!!  I spotted 2 bags which I loved, the 1st one was a little out of my price range, and then I spotted the bag pictured below.  The ‘Riley’ Bag (30F5SRLS3T) $368.00.  I also got a purse (32F4STVZ3L) to match the darker handles which as on sale at $72.45

Well they are all my purchases form my little holiday to New York, I hope you have enjoyed this blog post.

I had a F A B U L O U S time shopping and could quite easily shop over there all the time if i had the chance and of course the money..  I am already planning my next visit in 2017!!  That gives me plenty of time to save up, I think this time I would like to go either earlier in the year or around Thanksgiving as I’d like to watch the parade that Macy’s put on.

Happy Tuesday Everyone

Lots of Love