New York Purchases 

The one thing I was looking forward to while I was in New York was the shopping.. Its all about the shopping!

It’s just as Carrie says, Women go to New York for the two L’s.. Labels & Love.  I definitely got labels but unfortunately i did’t find Love….

So here are my New York purchases.

SEPHORA I’d never heard of this store until a friend of mine told me before I went I wasn’t sure what it sold but I sort of had an idea it was make up! We popped in on our last day to have a good look around and I picked the below items..

Macy’sCalvin Klein I hadn’t really thought about buying shoes, a shock I know as I love shoes..  I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them, there was another 2 pairs in metallic colours which I also fell in love with… These were $99 dollars but I got a 10% discount as I was a UK Traveller!!

I am a B I G SATC fan, and while I was in New York I had to do the SATC Tour,  I prebooked this before I went and paid about $35 dollars.. The first stop ‘The Pleasure Chest’ where Miranda introduced Charlotte to the Rabbit..  We were allowed a little browse around and purchase anything if you wanted.  I opted for the SATC books see below..

Macy’s – These Nike trainers were another purchase from Macy’s, there were originally $84.99 reduced to $64.98.  When we were shopping in Macy’s on New Years Day they had an additional 30% off, but I got an additional 15% as when looking at the front of one of the trainers there was like a yellow stain so they said they would take another 15% off as they were damaged so I paid $38.65.  But after getting them home and looking at them again the stain isn’t visible!!! So a nice little bargain.
   Bloomingdale’s – M.A.C Lipstick in Viva Glam VI $17.00Michael KorsBleecker Street..  This was my 1st New York purchase, this Michael Kors shop isn’t far from ‘Carrie Bradshaw’s The Stoop’ which is featured on SATC.  All that went on the SATC tour got 20% off at the Bleecker Store, so the Sunnies (MK6014) were $85.93 and the Small across the body bag (32S4GTVC3L) was $128.50

Kate Spade789 Madison Ave.  When I walked in nothing really jumped out at me.  Then out the corner of my eye I caught glimpse of a wallet/purse in a mulled wine colour, but put it back down as I couldn’t see a bag the same colour to match that was on sale.  As we wondered to the back of the store, Alice one of the sales assistants said we have another 2 floors with more bags and shoes for sale.. I’m sure you can guess my reaction so off I followed Alice up the stairs to the top floor where more bags were sitting pretty. Thats when I spotted the Small Ella Bag RRP $298.00 Sale price $238.00, additional 25% off so I paid $178.50.  I then had to go back downstairs to pick up the Lacey Wallet to match the bag RRP $198.00 Sale price $142.00, additional 25% off so I paid $106.50.  I also got some jewellery and an address/occasions book.
 If you are in New York and go into Kate Spade at 789 Madison Ave ask for Alice, she was a lovely sales assistant and a great help 🙂 I love this bag and matching purse in a mulled wine colour..

 Michael KorsBrookfield Place.  We had finished at the 9/11 memorial and took a wondered round to get a coffee and a piece of cake, we weren’t sure where we were going but end up in a small mall, in Brookfield Place where we found another Michael Kors shop!!  I spotted 2 bags which I loved, the 1st one was a little out of my price range, and then I spotted the bag pictured below.  The ‘Riley’ Bag (30F5SRLS3T) $368.00.  I also got a purse (32F4STVZ3L) to match the darker handles which as on sale at $72.45

Well they are all my purchases form my little holiday to New York, I hope you have enjoyed this blog post.

I had a F A B U L O U S time shopping and could quite easily shop over there all the time if i had the chance and of course the money..  I am already planning my next visit in 2017!!  That gives me plenty of time to save up, I think this time I would like to go either earlier in the year or around Thanksgiving as I’d like to watch the parade that Macy’s put on.

Happy Tuesday Everyone

Lots of Love




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