Iceland has always been on my list of places to visit, but I’ve never quite made it.  So I’ve decided that 2016 I am going to go, there are some amazing things to see and do while in Iceland the main place I will visit is Reykjavik.

After reading Travelling the world solo  blog posts on Iceland its made me want to go even more, some of the things she has done while she is out there is amazing.  The main sights which i wanted to do was The Northern Lights & Blue Lagoon Spa.  I now want to add the following to the TO DO List Dog Sledging, Waterfalls and Glazier hike and Geysir.

So I have started my investigating and planning..  If there is any other of my followers that have been and can suggest things that would be fab.  As I’m not sure when its best to go, where to stay or who to fly with??  Whether to do it through an operator or book it all myself…

Hope you have all had a great weekend..

Lots of Love





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