Dune Buys

After I finished at the exhibition (previous blog post) , I headed towards South Keningston & Sloane Square Chelsea for a cheeky little wander round, just too see what was on offer shops wise.  After I finished my little wander I headed back to Oxford street for a browse, I had all intentions of not spending much money but that went out the window! Ooppss..

Most of the shops had sales on still with a little extra off which is always nice! I’d popped into Office to have a look at there sale shoes, I did find a pair but both stores didn’t have my size and the staff weren’t really helpful or approachable.  So I left and off I went back down Oxford Street, in and out of shops as I walked down Oxford Street.  Then I came across Dune, so i popped in for a browse of the Sale.

New Shoes 😀
I was in Dune for a good 30 mins, looking at the shoe sale and trying on. I was looking for a nice pair of flats for work, well that’s when I find a job!!  I spotted a pair of grey heels (I’m loving different shades of grey at the moment, not sure why?) so I picked them off the shelf and asked to try them on, as soon as I put them on my feet it was instant Love!

Alina Heels – RRP £69 Sale Price £27

My second pair I spotted were a pair of Grey Flats, I asked the assistant if they had them in a 6 but they didn’t but she brought me the same pair in Black which were nice but they were £31 at sale price where the grey were priced at £27.  I was cheeky and asked if they were likely to go down in the sale but they said no, so I ended up ordering the grey flats online while I was in store, and I managed to wrangle free delivery as well, so even better..!!

Addison Pointed Loafer RRP £69 Sale £27 

I can say i love both these pairs of shoes and the prices were even better, I mean 2 pairs of Dune shoes for under £60 for 2 pairs, and over all a successful shop I’d say….

I’m not quite there yet to match Imelda Marcos and her 1060 pairs of shoes!!!!

Lots of Love





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