I went for a cheeky little wander round Sloane Square Chelsea, just too see what was on offer shops wise.   I spotted a Zara and popped in, I had a little snoop round the home department as I didn’t know they did home.  I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular so it was just a browse, again i headed to the sale section nothing really jumped out at me, I had a good rummage and found this little find, a candle with a lace trim round the glass this was on Sale at £2.99 which I didn’t think was to bad as I wouldn’t spend £9.99 full price, I would of liked two the same but this was the only one they had. You could achieve this your self, as it looks quite easy to complete.

While I was queuing to pay for the candle I spotted these small baskets.  They would be great for a storage solution, I picked up two sale price of £4.99 but when I got to the till point they scanned at £2.99, wish i now picked up 2 more!!

As I started to head out the shop, I had to walk through the ladies clothing department where I caught eye of a pair of black heeled boots.  I just picked up a size 6 and headed to the till, and #shock they were on sale, priced at £19.99…

The boots were another impulse buy but an over all good shopping trip at Zara..

Happy Reading peeps

Lots of Love




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