I’ve never really been a massive fan of Pandora. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice piece of jewellery and with the charm bracelets can be quite sentimental or have meaning to that individual person, but they are not for me.  Well that is up until recently, I had noticed that a lot of my friends have the birthstone rings which are quite popular and I will have to admit are quite pretty, and not too much in your face.
My friend Cheryl, who I went to New York with brought one in December and it was lovely so I have a little flick through the little brochure they have.  Looking at my birthstone ring it is a a blue (September) well looks like a dark blue but when I actually went into our Pandora shop in Peterborough the blue was a bit brighter and after about 25 mins debating whether I liked the coloured not or which finger to wear it on, I decided not to go for my birthstone as I wasn’t feeling it.  The shop assistant then said you don’t have to go for your birthstone colour you can have what ever you like.  I then spotted the grey colour, which is for the month of June, I tried it on and straight away I fell in love with it.. 

I then tried on the Heart Band ring to wear with the grey birthstone ring, I was like ohhh how lovely do these look together!!! So that was it done deal £75 later and 2 rings brought from Pandora in 30mins… Easy as that!  As you can see I decided to wear them on my ring finger on my right hand. I have spotted another Pandora ring which I want for my thumb on the right hand, it’s the same style as the band on the birthstone ring.


Hope you are all having a great weekend? It’s been a weekend of work for me…😔

Lots of Love




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