I’ve been looking at subscribing to GlossyBox for a while now, and I mean a while like over a year!! I’d never really looked into it and just put the thought to the back of my mind…

In June I had an email sent to me from GlossyBox so I thought oh why not see what it’s like, so I’d just been paid and thought why the hell not??  I signed up to the monthly fee, which is £10pm + P&P. Which I think isn’t too bad as you get 5 beauty products that you can try and see if they are suitable for you before you decide to buy at full price. They also do something called glossydots which is there loyalty scheme where every feedback you give on an item which was in the box you get 20 points, once you have hit 1000 glossydots you get a free box.. I don’t think this will b hard to achieve if I’m honest!!!

Anyway here is June 2016 Box:

It is all packaged lovely, as I think presentation is always good start. You also get inside a ‘Discover the Box’ card which has a brief description of all the products that you have recieved…

I will be trying some of these items at the weekend, I know it’s nearly the end of July but it’s been a mad few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for product reviews & July’s box…

Hope your all having a good week 

Lots of Love




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