Michael Kors

I proberly should of done this post at the beginning of the year, well I did but it was on all my NYC purchases, but I should of done a stand alone post on the MK goodies I got, but here it is… 

Michael Kors – Brookfield Place. We had finished at the 9/11 memorial and took a wondered round to get a coffee and a piece of cake, we weren’t sure where we were going but end up in a small mall, in Brookfield Place where we found another Michael Kors shop!! I spotted 2 bags which I loved, the 1st one was a little out of my price range, and then I spotted the bag pictured below. The ‘Riley’ Bag (30F5SRLS3T) $368.00. I also got a purse (32F4STVZ3L) to match the darker handles which as on sale at $72.45

Michael Kors – Bleecker Street.. This was my 1st New York purchase, this Michael Kors shop isn’t far from ‘Carrie Bradshaw’s The Stoop’ which is featured on SATC. All that went on the SATC tour got 20% off at the Bleecker Store, so the Sunnies (MK6014) were $85.93 and the Small across the body bag (32S4GTVC3L) was $128.50

Hope you have enjoyed this post..

Lots of Love




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