GlossyBox Reviews: July 2016

The items below are what was in the July boxes, they had a 241 offer on for July which is always a bonus… 4 of the items so far have been tried & tested, so here are my reviews… 📖🖋

Goodie 1: Wilkinson Sword ~ Intuition Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter.

(RRP 6.99 ~ Supermarkets)

With gentle, creamy soap that lathers and moisturises, this razor will hydrate the skin while the four blades leave your legs feeling super soft. 

If I’m honest I’ve never used Wilkinson Sword for ladies before I’ve always used Gilette, not sure why just have. So this is my 1st time using a Wilkinson Sword product and I can say my legs a silky smooth, I think the Shea Butter Creamy soap around the 4 blades which has made my legs smooth. I will be using it again, I’m not sure if I would buy it again when shopping unless maybe it was on offer..

Goodie 2: The Vintage Cosmetic Company ~ Tweezers.

(RRP £8)Tweezers are a make up bag essential. The slanted edge makes them perfect for brow shaping or if you need to tame a few unruly hairs. These tweezers are pretty aswell, very Cath Kidson like. To me tweezers are tweezers, you pluck unruly hairs out with them, only up till 3 years ago I never had a pair of tweezers but now I have 3 pairs this being my 3rd pair! 

Goodie 3: Hairon ~ Detangle brush

(RRP £6.99 is at its most vulnerable  to breakage when it’s wet. It’s the perfect size as it fits in the palm perfectly to carefully Detangle wet hair without snagging and tugging. It’s also a perfect size to fit in your handbag 👜😊.

I’ve used this product twice now and I can say it has detangled my hair and is now easier to brush and feels smoother and I can run my fingers through my hair easier.. 💆🏼

Goodie 4: Tinties Lip Butter ~ In Pink ~ Royal Apothic

(RRP £14

I’ve never heard of this company before, but after looking at it when I opened the box I thought it looked quite cute, and the box it comes in is quite nice too. These adorable little pots contain the finest formulation to nourish and condition your lips with the perfect hint of colour. I have the lip butter in a shade of pink, it has argan oil and grape seed oil to deeply hydrate & sweet almond oil and she’s butter to soothe. I think it’s a little too pink for me but its packaging is cute.. 😊

Hope your all having a great Friday

Lots of Love




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