Juice Plus

So I’ve been doing Juice Plus since May 11th, and I’ve lost 21.8lbs up to the 31st August but since Jan 4th I have lost a total of 31.4lbs, I still have a few more pounds to lose but I’m losing it slow and steady which I’m happy with.  I take the Berry/Vineyard Blend capsules, which I take 2  a day and then I eat clean alongside the plan, drink at least 3 litres of water and  exercise 3/4 times a week.

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What is Juice plus, I hear you say? Well if you want to feel really well, your body needs a range of valuable nutrients. So you need to eat a balanced diet to feel empowered, and that includes a varied selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Because that is not so easy to do on an everyday basis, Juice PLUS+ have concentrated the best parts of 30 types of fruits, vegetables and berries in capsule form. You can now get the benefit of valuable phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. You will also be optimally supplied with powerful antioxidants that are important for your well-being. Why is Juice Plus important? If you want to eat more healthily but often do not have enough time to plan every meal perfectly. Juice PLUS+ can help: the products bridge the gap between what we eat every day and what we should eat every day.   Juice PLUS+ allows you to enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables in a very simple way. Of course you should still eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. That way you will have a balanced diet and remain fit and strong. There is no better opportunity to enjoy a long and healthy life!

Here is a short video introducing juice plus by Emma Caren

Do you have problems with.

🌸 weight loss 🌸 gaining weight 🌸 fatigue 🌸 fibromyalgia 🌸 low immune system 🌸 anxiety 🌸 depression 🌸 high blood pressure 🌸 bad skin 🌸 psoriasis 🌸 brittle hair 🌸 poor nail condition 🌸 diabetes 🌸 arthritis 🌸 eczema 🌸 IBS 🌸 heavy/painful periods 🌸 menopause 🌸

Why not give us a try??  Want to know more??   Drop me a comment on here or email me at carinarowlings@aol.co.uk for more information…

 Lots of Love




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