Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

The world’s greatest hotel, as conceived by the world’s greatest hotelier. For over a century The Ritz London has been the benchmark by which other hotels are measured. A London landmark at 150 Piccadilly, The Ritz has been home to the great and the good, the intelligentsia, the glitterati and thousands of discerning guests since 1906.One of my good friends hit the BIG 40 in the 11th September, so her daughter, myself and two others took her to The Ritz for afternoon Tea.

Its one place that I’ve always wanted to go to, so when I got asked I jumped at the chance..  It was a very traditional British hotel, Union Jack flags draped around the hotel used as curtains which is a great touch and not to over powering.

The tables were set out beautiful, proper silver milk jugs, sugar holders and tea strainers, i haven’t seen a tea strainer since I was like 10/11 years old.  I loved the cups and saucers too.I’d have to say the sandwiches and cakes look yummy when they got brought out, there was 5 of us having afternoon tea and the amount of food that we had was crazy, we finished one plate of sandwiches and then they brought another plate out.  On the top plate there was 4 cakes each, and then they brought out scones, jam and cream and they brought out 12 scones for 5 of us!!!  I mean 12 scones that was a little over the top, they then brought out another top plate of cakes as I wanted to try a cinnamon chocolate one, only wanted one but he brought out another full plate!!!

And all 5 of us were completely stuffed by the time we left, so a little tube ride to Harrods and a walk round Harrods did the trick  to work off the food coma…

Pretty flowers in the toilets 🙂

Well I hope you have all liked reading this post?

Lots of Love




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