Well what can I say about 2016?  Its been an up and down kinda year.

I started the 1st January 2016 in New York, it couldn’t get any better than that really? Spending last New Years in New York was amazing, I loved every second from arriving into JFK to leaving JFK.  I left my heart in the city which captured it a year ago, we landed back in the UK on 2nd January and it all started to go a little wrong…

The rest of January was a pretty crappy month and it didn’t get much better into the next few months.  I was told in Dec 15, a day before I was due to break up for Christmas that I was being made redundant Happy Christmas to me!  So from the the 15th January 16 I was unemployed and tough times ahead…  The first few months were fine, but after a while it was getting me down as I had registered with a number of agencies, applied for jobs online with Reed but not hearing anything back from them was getting a little disheartening.  Then some agencies would call to say they have some temporary work and just waiting to hear back from the company in question, but again there wouldn’t a response..

I eventually got a break thru at the beginning of April and started temping at Whirlpool, as an administrator/receptionist.  The job wasn’t great and wasn’t for me but I stuck at it as it was a form of money coming in and I had to pay the bills each month.  I was there till late June as I got offered another temping role which sounded more up my street and was a little better hourly rate than I was on.  So I left Whirlpool and headed for Noble Interiors, I was her till the 1st week in July as I was successful in a position I had applied for at Baker Perkins before I started tempting at Noble.  I was said to leave as I got on with the guys that worked there well and had picked up the role with ease.

But I was back in full time employment on 18th July 2016 and I am still there now, so it’s going well 😂 😂😂.  But honestly I love what I do and the team I am on are all really friendly and can have a good laugh with, and there is hardly any bitching as it’s a team of men!!  I also went on a Hen Do to Dublin, 27 of us which was absolutely fantastic, I went on another solo holiday to Rimini, Italy it’s somewhere where my dad had been on holiday and he had also mentioned it to me so I thought it was only visitright to go and visit.  And it didn’t disappoint and will be revisiting soon.

From end of sept to the end of the year there wasn’t much going on really, working and a few nights out planned.. Well I lie actually one of my close friends got married at the beginning of September, got chatting to a bloke via twitter which is going well and planning on meeting in Feb (so this could be the end of single life 🙏🏼) and a old school, friend who I’m close with announced that she is pregnant and is due in July, so exciting 👶🏽🍼.

Then Christmas 🎄 & New Year 🎉 came around way to quick for my liking..

Hope you have enjoyed my round up of my 2016 and it wasn’t too depressing to read!?

Lots of Love ❤️ 




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