New Boots 

Had a little browse in Primark this afternoon as had an hour to kill.. I headed upstairs to the home & footwear sections.  I head for the shoes first, priorities.  I wondered round the sale gondola to see what bargains I could see, I spotted some tan coloured boots, I noticed that they were wide fit so I looked for my size and with them being wide fit I go down a size.  I spotted a pair of size 5’s and picked them up and looked to see how much they were and they were priced at £3.. Yes £3 a right little bargain for a Saturday afternoon, I did see the same boots in a different colour but only had a 9 in them ☹️

I tried them on when I got home and I will have to say they are so comfortable, and the heel is just the right height.  I’m looking forward to style them with a few outfits…

Here’s a little video to show them off a little.

Hope you all have had a great Saturday..

Lots of Love




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