Mule, is a French word, is a style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed. Mules can be any heel height – from flat to high. The style is predominantly (but not exclusively) worn by women.  The history of Mule shoes:

High-heeled mules were a popular indoor shoe style of the 18th century, influenced by the patten, a backless overshoe of the 16th century. By the early twentieth century, mules were often associated with prostitutes. In the early 1950s, Marilyn Monroe popularized the shoe and helped break its poor reputation. Mules experienced some popularity in the 1950s and early 1960s, and were seen in the 1970s and early 1980s almost exclusively in the form of open-back Scandinavian clogs, but then re-emerged in the late 1990s, especially in its open-toed form (the “slide”), and began to dominate the shoe market for women.

I remember having a pair in the 90’s and I loved them, and wore them most of the time as they were so comfortable, they weren’t nothing fancy just a plain black pair. As we all know fashion does a full circle and Mules have been back on the fashion seen over the last few months, here are a few I’ve seen on New Look which I think I could possibly buy and wear but if I’m honest im 50/50 on whether I would wear them…

Black Cross Strap Heeled Mules  – Sale £9.00, also available in Silver and Bright Pink.

Grey Suedette Metallic Block Heel Mules – Sale £8

Pink Suedette Metal Trim Block Heel Mules RRP £25.99. These also come in a black

Top Left Black Suedette Glitter Cylindrical Heeled Mules £29.99 / Right Rose Gold Wide Fit Metallic Block Heel £19.99, also available in Silver

Bottom Left Light Brown Suedette Colour Block Mules £22.99 / Right Wide Fit Black Comfort Suedette Ruched Heeled Mules £27.99

Out of all the ones I’ve pictured I then I would go for the Grey and Pink Suedette Mules, but  I also quite like the Rose Gold ones too..

Hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts on Mule shoes…

Lots of Love




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