OOTN 21st January 2017

I had my whole works company Christmas works do on 21st Jan 17.  Was at a local Marriott Hotel the event consisted of a 3 course meal, disco and games tables.  I booked a room as I took my friend Cheryl as my plus one as she need a good night out & a laugh.

I was going to wear the same dress I’d wore on my works meal in December, but I didn’t feel comfortable in it, even though I looked nice it, it was a body con type dress and I thought that I needed to lose a few more lbs before I wear it again!  So while I was at work one Sunday I spotted a little gold floaty number so I put it I in the hold cupboard.  But it was put out before I had the chance to buy it so I had to start looking again for a dress. I popped into New Look on Late night shopping on a Thursday, headed straight to the dresses in the sale to have a look to see what I can find, I pulled out two dress, both black. Out of the two I picked to try one I kept the one that’s in the below picture, as I felt good in it and it fitted perfect and not too short.

And the best thing about the dress was priced at £24.99, marked down to £11.  But i had a lovely surprise when I got to the till as it was reduced further to £8 which was a lovely surprised and I was well chuffed with that purchase.

PS. The dirt mark is on the mirror not the dress.. LOL


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