George Home Haul

I had a little trip to our Asda Living store on Saturday 15th July, as I had spotted some Reed diffuses on a Instagram account I follow and they were on sale at £1 each, yes a £1!! So I picked up 3, one of each scent Wild Jasmine, Sweet Mulberry and the classic Vanilla scent,  I also had a good look round the home section while I was there.  I do love Asda Living home section they have some lovely bits in at the moment, I could of spent more but the purse strings were limited!  I also picked up some wax-melts in Wild Jasmine and Sweet Mulberry at 50p each for 2.  Since picking 3 up on Saturday I picked up another 2 on Friday, for a £1 I couldn’t resist…

I carried on walking round and looking at the end of the aisle offers, and I’m glad I did as these caught my eye, two wooden love hearts, I have seen these before on Instagram but they were priced a little but more, so when I spotted them and priced at £6 I had to grab one.  They are lovely and solid, they look lovely on the window sill in the hallway with my set of 3 glass bottles from Poundland.

I also had a quick browse round the bedding, wasn’t planning on buying a new duvet set as I have three already and don’t really need another one, but the price caught my eye so I had to have a cheeky look, which I’m glad I did as it was £6 for a double and was quite a pretty duvet cover, so I picked one up.

Well that’s the George Home Haul done. Hope you have liked this post.. 

what home bargains have you picked up lately? 

Lots of Love




New Look Haul

I had a little retail therapy last Sunday after I finished work, as I need to get as much as I can with my staff discount as my last shift is on 30th July!!  I mean I’ll still get 25% off as the girls will give it to me when I’m at the till but I’d like to try and get as much as I can even thou money isn’t to flush at the min..

All the above are in-store now:

Floral Bird Tee 5132516  – £7.99  Dobby FRL SHL 5310438 – £17.99

‘Heated’ Khaki Sandals £8.99  WF ‘Immense’ Beige Sandals £8.99

I spotted this dress while the delivery was being done last Sunday, as soon as I spotted I was like ‘Oh I like!’  So put a 14 & 16 aside so I could try on when I had finished work.  I fell in love with it straight away, and I even more happy when I tried on the 14 and it fitted perfect, I had the biggest smile on my face.

Jamie Midi Floral Dress – £14.99  ‘Heated’ Gold Sparkle Sandals £9.99  Choker £2.99

All these items are current stock and can be found online or in-store.  Hope you have enjoyed this post and hope you are all having a great Sunday

Lots Of Love




Twilight Spa

I heard from a friend that one of the local Hotels/Spa (Orton Hall Spa Hotel) do a Twilight Spa session from 5pm to 9pm Monday to Friday for £12pp.  You get to use the Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi and relaxation area.  If you fancy a treatment like a massage, facial, pedicure then you can also book these which need to be paid for before you go, the spa is called Imagine spa.  They have a number of treatments available to book and if you sign up to there newsletter you get 25% off your treatment.

I booked myself and my friend in for the Twilight Spa Session on 13th July, it was a treat from me to her as she has done a lot for me over the last few years, and it was just a way to show her I’m grateful to have her as a friend and a thank you for everything that she has done..  We arrived around 6pm, completed the standard health form which the spa require and then got shown the relaxation area, the changing area and the spa facilities.  While we were there we had a cheeky bottle of fizz which was lovely to have while relaxing in the Jacuzzi, it was a lovely few hours using the facilities felt so relaxed and chilled out.  We were that impressed that we are booking to go again in August and think it will be a regular once a month treat.

Just nice to take time out and not have to travel to far for a bit of peaceful, and tranquil setting..  Also the the grounds it is set in is also lovely, a nice quiet woodland area.

Hope your all having a great Saturday 😌

Lots of Love



Poundland Shopping 

I’ve seen so many nice home bits on different people’s Instagram account and most of them are from Poundland, so I’ve been on the hunt in a couple of the Poundlands we have in Peterborough! I mean we have 5 in or around town, which I personally think is one too many???

Anyway back to my Poundland buys…  

Set of three bottles, with cute heart hanging detail, I’m not quite sure where I’m going to put them yet as need to have a sort out and get it looking homely.

I picked the above bits up aswell, they have some lovely bits in at the moment. The Buddha head I’ve put in my bathroom with some candles to make it a tranquil and relaxing place to go, and you wouldn’t think it would be a good quality but it’s really heavy and a right Bargain for £1!!!  I also love the vase too, I’m not sure whether to get another or not??

I also love the plaque quote again I’m trying to figure out where I want it to go..  And 2 picture frames for £1, I will definatly be getting a few more of these for my picture wall when I get round to getting time to start it!!! 

I just feel like I have no time at the min to do anything for my home or even for me! 




OOTN | 7th July 2017

I had a date with some of my girls last night who I haven’t seen in a while, we went to a local near me called The Boathouse for food, drinks & a catch up.

It had been a lovely warm day and was still warm when I head out so went for something that would keep me cool but casual at the same time.

Everything I’m wearing is New Look, and my bag is Michael Kors.

The top, chocker and jeans are all recent sale buys. The shoes are from last year which I have only started to wear the last few months! Shocking I know 😂

Hope you all had a great Friday night & have lots of plans for today 💜




Cinque Terre – Italy

Cinque Terre is a string of centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline. In each of the 5 towns, colorful houses and vineyards cling to steep terraces, harbors are filled with fishing boats and trattorias turn out seafood specialties along with the Liguria region’s famous sauce, pesto. The Sentiero Azzurro cliffside hiking trail links the villages and offers sweeping sea vistas.

 I have some time booked off in September, and I really want to go away for a few days for my birthday and get some sun!  I really want to go to Sorrento but pricing it up its getting quite expensive. I was scrolling thru Pinterest this morning and Cinque Terre came up on my feed and some of the pictures just look so breathe taking…

I keep looking at images and its making want to go even more..  Some of the Walking treks from from one town to another look beautiful, I am defiantly going to look into and price it up.


Hope you are all having a good Monday 🙂

Primark | Wants

I’ve spotted these items in Primarks Instagram.. It’s a little annoying as they post but say they are only available in certain countries? The UK not being one, so why bother posting on Insta I ask myself???

Anyway I’m going to give oxford street a call to see if they have them as I’m off to London on Today 2nd July 2017.. I really want them 😆😬

If any of my followers/readers see any of these in there local Primark would you give me a shout?? I would be eternally grateful! 

Lots of Love

Carina 💜

Luxury Want List 😍

My blog name says it all really, so I thought I’d do a blog on some luxury items which are on my want list, which I aiming so save up and buy….

I mean most women like a little luxury in there life right??? Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Chloe, Givency, Manolo, Gucci as well as others


The Carrie Bradshaw Shoe from Manolo. These shoes are so beautiful after seeing them in the flesh while browsing the shoe department in Harrords, I’ve fallen in love with them more.  Just now need to decide whether to buy them here or in NYC when I go at the beginning of Dec17 😍.

For now they are all on my Luxury want list and will have to save up 💸💸💸

Hope you all have a great weekend 


Chapter 7

So it’s the 1st of July 2017, where the hell has the 1st 6 months of 2017 gone?? 🤔

July looks to be a busy month, a few things on the boy is coming down for a weekend, a day out in London with Chezza 🥂🍝 and one of my besties is due today 1st July… So exciting for Little Miss to make an appearance 👶🏽💝🍼

Hope you all have a great July… Make it a good one 💜