New Look Haul

I had a little retail therapy last Sunday after I finished work, as I need to get as much as I can with my staff discount as my last shift is on 30th July!!  I mean I’ll still get 25% off as the girls will give it to me when I’m at the till but I’d like to try and get as much as I can even thou money isn’t to flush at the min..

All the above are in-store now:

Floral Bird Tee 5132516  – £7.99  Dobby FRL SHL 5310438 – £17.99

‘Heated’ Khaki Sandals £8.99  WF ‘Immense’ Beige Sandals £8.99

I spotted this dress while the delivery was being done last Sunday, as soon as I spotted I was like ‘Oh I like!’  So put a 14 & 16 aside so I could try on when I had finished work.  I fell in love with it straight away, and I even more happy when I tried on the 14 and it fitted perfect, I had the biggest smile on my face.

Jamie Midi Floral Dress – £14.99  ‘Heated’ Gold Sparkle Sandals £9.99  Choker £2.99

All these items are current stock and can be found online or in-store.  Hope you have enjoyed this post and hope you are all having a great Sunday

Lots Of Love





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