OOTD Sunday 27th August 2017

Bank Holiday Sunday: Friends 👯, Drinks 🥂 & Food 🥘

All New Look 😆

Hope your all having a great Sunday Funday 🎉🎉


Saturday 26th August 2017

Not much planned today, had a nice little layin and got up at 10:30, after waking at 5ish this morning!

I have Internet again! Whoop Whoop, so far today I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall my iTunes as it wasn’t connecting with my iPad, so that’s now complete and now I’m currently update and backing up both my iPad and iPhone.  That’s a longish process on it’s own…  Aaarrrggghhhh. 

I also have a few blog posts 👩🏻‍💻 which I need to draft and schedule, so that will take a good chunk of time and if I get time I may nip out to see the sister and brother in law later this afternoon and then back home to have a chilled relaxed evening.

Hope you are all having a great Saturday, the weather is good and the Sun ☀️ is shining, so it always makes the day better! 😊😆

Lots of Love

Carina 💋💋

Michael Kors Wants 

I was browsing the Michael Kors website on my lunch a few weeks ago, and shock I’ve spotted bags that I want.. So I either need one of three things!?

 1) A rich man to buy me them? 2) Save up or 3) Get a magic card!!

If you read or follow my blog you will know I purchased my first Michael Kors item in New York in Dec 2015 on Blecker Street near to Carrie Bradshaw’s Stoop they use in SATC.

Anyway back to the blog post in hand.. Here are my selection of bags that I want!

Jet Set Large Saffiano Leather Crossbody £160 each 

Beckett Large Leather Satchel £285

They also do this in a Burnt Red also which is nice, so I’m not sure which I would get if I had the chance, but I would need to have a look at both in the flesh..

When it comes to me buying Michael Kors Handbag I like to have a different style and not what is common. Let’s hope I can get at least two of these this year?

Or if anyone is feeling generous and would like to buy me one or get in contact with Michael to see if he would like to gift one to me!? 💁🏻 💋

New Nails by Betty Crowson

It’s been a while since I had my nails done at Betty Crowson by Jenny!  She is a popular little bunny and it’s hard to get an appointment.. But I managed to get one, even changed from Sat to this morning at short notice 💋

My nails have felt pretty naked & unsightly for a while, but today that changed and made to look pretty again ☺️💜

I went for a Coral & Unicorn Chrome 🦄🦄

Happy Monday Peeps 😁

Lots of Love

Carina 💋💋

Sunday 13th August 

Today’s free wifi session is curiosity of M&S! Thanks 💋

I’m loving today as it’s my second Sunday of not working and I have no plans, so I’ll have a mooch round town and try andnot spend any money, then back home to chill and have alittle pamper session ☺️

Happy Sunday Guys 💁🏻

Lots of Love

Carina 💋

Sunday Pamper

This mini pamper session was 2 weeks ago now, I’d had a shitty day at work and was absolutely shattered and needed a bit of ME pamper time.  So when I got in I sorted what I need to and then had a shower & got into some clean PJs.

Once I was in my PJs I headed to the living room to chill on the sofa.  I opted for the Macadamia Oil Extract foot pack first to give my tooties a pamper,  I found these in Poundworld.  I wasn’t sure how they would be if I’m honest with only being a £1 each. My honest opinion is that they were OK for the price I paid, I do have another to try out but I will be getting some more.  I need to start pampering me feet at least twice a week, as for I forget about my feet.  I mean I have a face routine morning and night, but i also forget my feet, and legs.  Like I only tend to moisturize when I’ve shaved my legs and yes I’ll be honest its not regular as I’m lazy and have a long distance relationship so at times I do just leave my legs…  You will see that there is a face-mask in the picture, this never got used.  I had all intentions to but again I was lazy.

I know I need not to think like that and I seriously need to kick my own ass into gear in so many aspects of my life, but things just get in the way at times or I just don’t have the energy…  So if anyone has any good motivational tips then please throw them my way, or make a comment on this post!

Well best go and crack on with the housework and just making the apartment looking suitable for visitors, not that its really messy as that makes it sound like it is lol, I promise you its not!

Happy Saturday Peeps




Saturday 12th August 2017

Good Morning & Happy Saturday

I am currently sat in Starbucks using there WiFi as I currently don’t have any at home and I’m eating my data like theirs no tomorrow… Arrrggghhh.

So I’m currently downloading a load of programs, updating my phone and iPad and writing this post as well as others and scheduling them.

Hope you are all OK and had a good week??  I was hoping for a layin this morning, but no I was awake at 7:30am for no bloody reason and couldn’t get back to sleep either.  I got up just after 9 as I had a post run to do, so I just got up and dressed and headed to the post office.  This is my 1st full weekend of no plans and no work on Sunday as I finished working at New Look on 30th July, I do feel sad that I’m not working there anymore as well as missing the discount..

Well i hope you all have a great fun filled weekend

Lots of Love