OOTD 11th March 2017

Had a nice chilled day, nipped to the sisters for a catch up with coffee & rainbow cake from Waitrose ☕️🍰

Went for a dress down casual look, with a lightweight jacket as the weather has been lovely today 😊

Everything I am wearing is New Look.

Lightweight bomber jacket / Casual Tee / Black HW Skinnies / 915 Grey Slip-ons 

Hope your all having a great Saturday 💁🏻

Lots of Love




I brought this lovely LBD from New Look in the sale, I spotted it the other week. And a good price at £12, it nips me in at the waist and has a lovely flowy skirt.  It also has a lovely ruffle going from one shoulder across to the other.

The BEST thing as well it’s a Size 14!!!! I’m so excited as can’t remember the last time I was.. 🤗😆😍

Happy Hump Day People

Lots of Love



OOTN 21st January 2017

I had my whole works company Christmas works do on 21st Jan 17.  Was at a local Marriott Hotel the event consisted of a 3 course meal, disco and games tables.  I booked a room as I took my friend Cheryl as my plus one as she need a good night out & a laugh.

I was going to wear the same dress I’d wore on my works meal in December, but I didn’t feel comfortable in it, even though I looked nice it, it was a body con type dress and I thought that I needed to lose a few more lbs before I wear it again!  So while I was at work one Sunday I spotted a little gold floaty number so I put it I in the hold cupboard.  But it was put out before I had the chance to buy it so I had to start looking again for a dress. I popped into New Look on Late night shopping on a Thursday, headed straight to the dresses in the sale to have a look to see what I can find, I pulled out two dress, both black. Out of the two I picked to try one I kept the one that’s in the below picture, as I felt good in it and it fitted perfect and not too short.

And the best thing about the dress was priced at £24.99, marked down to £11.  But i had a lovely surprise when I got to the till as it was reduced further to £8 which was a lovely surprised and I was well chuffed with that purchase.

PS. The dirt mark is on the mirror not the dress.. LOL

New Sale Haul

I’ve not done much sale shopping really, but I have picked a few things up from New Look, SHOCK! I picked a couple of bits up from Milton Keynes and also a couple of bits from Bridge Street, Peterborough

Middle / Black, Grey & White Casual T Shirt £3

Top Right / Grey Pumps – 915 range £8

Top Left / Beige Pumps £3
Left / Grey High Waisted Jeans £11

Right / Gold Sequin Detail Bag £9
Love this close up picture of the detail on the front of the bag.. Beautiful

I know that the sales are still on in New Look stores, well it is in Bridge Street Peterborough.  When I have some spare time and cash I need to have a good look thru to see if I can pick up any little bargains.  I do love a bargain, I mean who doesn’t!?

Lots of Love




Mule, is a French word, is a style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed. Mules can be any heel height – from flat to high. The style is predominantly (but not exclusively) worn by women.  The history of Mule shoes:

High-heeled mules were a popular indoor shoe style of the 18th century, influenced by the patten, a backless overshoe of the 16th century. By the early twentieth century, mules were often associated with prostitutes. In the early 1950s, Marilyn Monroe popularized the shoe and helped break its poor reputation. Mules experienced some popularity in the 1950s and early 1960s, and were seen in the 1970s and early 1980s almost exclusively in the form of open-back Scandinavian clogs, but then re-emerged in the late 1990s, especially in its open-toed form (the “slide”), and began to dominate the shoe market for women.

I remember having a pair in the 90’s and I loved them, and wore them most of the time as they were so comfortable, they weren’t nothing fancy just a plain black pair. As we all know fashion does a full circle and Mules have been back on the fashion seen over the last few months, here are a few I’ve seen on New Look which I think I could possibly buy and wear but if I’m honest im 50/50 on whether I would wear them…

Black Cross Strap Heeled Mules  – Sale £9.00, also available in Silver and Bright Pink.

Grey Suedette Metallic Block Heel Mules – Sale £8

Pink Suedette Metal Trim Block Heel Mules RRP £25.99. These also come in a black

Top Left Black Suedette Glitter Cylindrical Heeled Mules £29.99 / Right Rose Gold Wide Fit Metallic Block Heel £19.99, also available in Silver

Bottom Left Light Brown Suedette Colour Block Mules £22.99 / Right Wide Fit Black Comfort Suedette Ruched Heeled Mules £27.99

Out of all the ones I’ve pictured I then I would go for the Grey and Pink Suedette Mules, but  I also quite like the Rose Gold ones too..

Hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts on Mule shoes…

Lots of Love



New Boots 

Had a little browse in Primark this afternoon as had an hour to kill.. I headed upstairs to the home & footwear sections.  I head for the shoes first, priorities.  I wondered round the sale gondola to see what bargains I could see, I spotted some tan coloured boots, I noticed that they were wide fit so I looked for my size and with them being wide fit I go down a size.  I spotted a pair of size 5’s and picked them up and looked to see how much they were and they were priced at £3.. Yes £3 a right little bargain for a Saturday afternoon, I did see the same boots in a different colour but only had a 9 in them ☹️

I tried them on when I got home and I will have to say they are so comfortable, and the heel is just the right height.  I’m looking forward to style them with a few outfits…

Here’s a little video to show them off a little.

Hope you all have had a great Saturday..

Lots of Love



OOTD Boxing Day 2016

Some of you may know that work part-time at New Look, and I had a shift to work on Boxing Day.  I had a 12:30 – 19:30 shift which I didn’t mind as I don’t normally do anything really on Boxing day, so earning some extra pennies always helps.

It was a busy day, there was a constant Que from when I started till about 5:30 when it started to die down a bit.  I knew it was going to be a long day, so I chose comfort for my shift. All of what I’m wearing in the below picture is New Look

Skull & Rose Print Tee RRP £12.99 💋 Petite Skinny Jeans RRP £24.99 💋 Necklace £2.00 Sale 💋 Beige Pumps RRP £15.99

Hope you all had a great Christmas and got everything you wanted and more..

Have a great Friday, the last one of 2016.. 🎉🍾✨🥂

Lots of Love