Love for Kate Spade ❤️💛🧡

Can’t believe it’s coming up to a month since Kate Spade took her own life. Such sad news to read when it was published over the internet.

55 years is no age, and a well established women within the Fashion Industry and she will carry on being. I have heard of Kate Spade previously but didn’t really properly fall in love with her designs until NYE, 31st December 2015 when I had made my long awaited holiday to NYC!!!  We made our way to the Top end of 5th Ave after a little stroll round Central Park, the first shop we spotted and went into was Kate Spade and it had a Sale on so that was even better.  We were mooching around looking and one of the shop assistants said did you know we have another 2 floors? I was like oh no, so off I went up to the first floor and my eyes lit up – Bags and Shoes Galore! I was like a kid in a sweet shop.

My first Kate Spade Bag & matching Purse

I travel backed to New York in Dec 2017 with 3 friends, I know what I wanted to get I wanted a new bag and matching purse but I wasn’t sure whether it would of been Michael Kors or Kate Spade.  I looked at Michael Kors in Macy’s and didn’t see any handbags I liked but I did spot a cute Red Jet Set across the body bag and a small coin purse to match which I brought.  I visited the Kate Spade store which is at the Rockafella Centre and nothing really jumped out at me, the other Kate Spade store I visited was at the Westfield shopping mall at Ground Zero, where I purchased my second Kate Spade bag and matching purse in Navy.

I will be adding to my Kate Spade collection, as well as adding to my Michael Kors Collection too..  That will be on hold for a few months as currently in the process of moving and also a few other things which are going on, but they do have a sale on at the min which is very tempting!!!  Why not pop over and have a look?

Hope you have all enjoyed this post, do you have any Kate Spade goods?  Why not drop a comment or picture?

Lots of Love

Carina 💋💋


OOTD Thursday 28th June 18

I was up in Liverpool from 27th to 29th June visiting the boy, and the weather has been beautiful, it was glorious sunshine the whole time I was there.  I must admit that when it is glorious weather like it has been I love wandering down The Albert Dock and to the Pierhead & Waterfront area as there is some nice areas to sit, its great for people watching and  was also looking at getting some vitamin D and get a bit of a tan.

All of my outfit is from New Look, but is all old season.  I love the black culottes, as they are lightweight and also comfortable to wear. The multi coloured striped cami I love as its a summery top and perks me up when I’m wearing it.

Well I hope you all had a great weekend, and have been enjoying the sunshine, and its here for the rest of the week at least, but I’m off to Benidorm on Saturday at 1am for a few days, so i’m looking forward to the break away from home, relax, sun, cocktails and laughs.

Lots of Love

Carina 💋💋

OOTN Saturday 2nd June 18

A lovely couple I know John & Emily got married & they invited me to the Evening Reception.

I had no idea what I was going wearing, rummaged in my wardrobe and pulled out 6 possible outfits! I tried on a LBD first but I didn’t feel comfortable felt a little short, the second was a floral dress which I’d brought when I was working at New Look and shock hadn’t been worn 😆. I felt good when I was wearing it and then had to decide which shoes! Nightmare! 😱

I love the colour and the print in this dress 🧡

Dress • New Look

Shoes • Mango

Bag • Katie Loxton

Thanks for reading peeps 🤓

Lots of Love

Carina 💋

OOTD Sunday 3rd June 18

Good Morning & Happy Sunday 😀

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and the weather has been good where you are??

I’m out and about today to the Sister’s and to pop and see my Mum. I prefer Sundays to be lazy and I don’t make loads of effort, I know that sounds bad but most of my Sundays are at home where I’m just lounging around in my PJs or joggers and a Tee.

I’ve gone for a casual look with a mixture of high-street & designer. Primark ~ Perfectly Imperfect Tee £4 • Skinny Jeans £6 Sale

New Look ~ Sandals. Dorothy Perkins ~ Jacket

Kate Spade NYC ~ Bag

I have a reason for wearing this Tee today! I’m making a statement to my older sister as she thinks she is something else!!!

But anyway that’s another story 😆😆

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Hope you have a fab rest of your Sunday.

Lots of Love



London • Birthday Day Out • September 17

I’m very behind with posting this!! This was back in September 2017!!

My friend and I went to London for the day on Sat 23rd Sept 17, which happened to be my birthday as well!!  We were heading to Borough Market, as neither of us had been before so we started the day off by having brunch at Vinoteca, which is a cute restaurant at London Kings Cross.

We then headed to Borough Market to experience the London Market Vibes, to try and taste difference foods and to have a few drinks while mooching around the market.  There was such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere around with a mixture of different cultures and ethnic groups, it certainly hadn’t lost it spark from the few months before terrorist attacks.  After we finished our mooch round the market we popped into The Market Porter for a couple of cheeky vinos, we then headed back over towards Central London as we were going to Chinatown for Tea.  OMG there was so many to choose from!!!

Below is my #OOTD for 23rd September 2017..

Everything I am wearing in these pictures are from New Look, I wanted a smart but casual look, and if I’m honest I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the look with the bodysuit and tied waist trousers.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this very delayed post!  I am trying to get back into my blogging as I have missed it as a little thing called life has got in the way…

Lots of Love



Dreaming of Mulberry

Mulberry Website: Born in 1971, the roots of Mulberry are in Somerset, England. Mulberry’s founder, Roger Saul, established the brand at his kitchen table, with £500 backing from his mother. His sister designed our instantly-recognisable tree logo – both that, and the name “Mulberry” come from the trees he would pass each day on his way to school. All of this represented a love of nature, the importance of family and the growth of a fundamentally British brand.  

For more than forty years, Mulberry has been a leading British lifestyle brand, internationally acclaimed for our quality and design. Mulberry’s handbags – the Trout satchel, the Bayswater and the Alexa – have become contemporary classics, iconic examples of British design and manufacturing expertise. Roger Saul’s successors, Design and Creative Directors Nicholas Knightly, Stuart Vevers, Emma Hill and, from 2015, Johnny Coca have each placed their own stamp on Mulberry, reinterpreting the brand to chime with the fashion moment.  Mulberry today offers a unique point of view on heritage. We continue to celebrate the contradictions of a truly British identity, looking back to our archives and rich British traditions and examining them from a new perspective. A sense of the past reinvented with the spirit of now. Heritage yet modern, classic, yet unclassic.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved Mulberry handbags and purses and with it be a quintessentially British brand, Manufacturing and it’s a heritage it makes it that bit more special.  I don’t know what it is about Mulberry but their bags a beautifully designed, good quality material and stunning colours.  I haven’t browsed their website for a while until I got an email in my inbox the other day, so I loaded up the site and had a browsing session and dreamed of owning one.

Below are a selection of what stood out to me and all bar one are in a price range which i could possibly save up for.  My first find was the Mini Seaton: The Seaton’s sleek lines and streamlined silhouette contrast with refined equestrian-inspired detailing and the signature Rider’s Lock. As you can see in the picture below the bag is a good size and ideal for day to evening you can carry it with the handle or as across the body, I also love the design of the fastening. They do this in 6 different colours, I’m liking the Oxblood and Clay, it’s priced at £895 so this bag will have to stay on the Dreaming Want List for a little while as I just don’t have £900 to hand.  The other finds was a small coin pouch in Orchid Red, its a cute size and with it being priced at £140.00, this could be my first Mulberry purchase as I could save this up within two or three months.  The next find was the Long Part Zip Wallet again in Orchid Red at a price of £255, but this comes with a little gift in the form of a coin purse, I know it’s not the same as the Part Zip Coin Pouch but I’m thinking maybe just getting the Long Zip Wallet, so this would mean four months of saving which is realistic.

My last find was the Small Amberley Satchel: Introducing the Amberley, first seen on the London Fashion Week catwalk. Inspired by British countryside pursuits, the Amberley gets its ring hardware and satchel shape from traditional equestrian styling.  The colours I like in this style are Oak Natural, Oxblood and Orchid Red, it has the same fastening as the Mini Seaton, and can be worn on the shoulder or as across the body.  It’s priced at £595.00, it’s within my price bracket but it would be six months worth of saving.  I love all of the items and I’d love to own all of them but I know that isn’t possible so just owning one Mulberry Item would be a dream.

Well I hope you are all having a good Saturday so far?  Hope you have all enjoyed reading this post..  Let me know what your favorite Mulberry Item is?

Lots of Love


OOTD • 23rd September 2017

Can’t believe its been a week since my birthday, this time last week Cheryl & I were having brunch at Vinoteca, near Kings Cross.

I didn’t know what to wear, as the weather on Friday was lovely in Peterborough and London but looking at the weather for Sat 23rd, it said it would be sunny and cloudy being 20c, so I was going to layer up but then I didn’t want to take a big bag or be carrying anything so I opted for lightweight trousers, bodysuit, leather jacket, lightweight scarf and flat leopard print shoes.

All what I am wearing apart from the scarf and bag are from New Look I love this look, and I felt confident and comfortable as over the last year I have lost over 3 stone so I wanted to show off my new figure! I wanted to go for a Smart Casual look, which I think I pulled off.

I think the scarf and Micheal Kors bag just finish the outfit off, its quite a simple but effective look.  This definatly a look I would wear again, as I have these trousers in black and a grey and black speckle effect.  They also do them in  a Burgundy which I am hoping to get also.

Hope you have enjoyed this post 😊

Lots of Love

Carina 💋