I was scrolling thru Instagram on Friday night and spotted Chrissiescorner had posted about a cute little candle she had brought from Sainsbury’s.

I popped in to my local Sainsbury’s on Saturday morning as I was over that way to see if we had the same. I was in luck and we had some in, there 5 scents and after smelling all 5 I fell in 💟 with 3, so I brought 2 Vanilla & Musk, 1 Lavender & Geranium and 1 Passion Flower & Mango.

I thought after smelling the Lavender one this would be ideal for my bedroom, I thought I could burn it an hour before bed and made be help me get a better nights sleep? 😴

Well I can only try right?

The candles are priced at £1.50 each and are about 8cms high. I managed to bag 4 candles for £3.50 as I had £2.50 worth to spend thanks to my nectar points on my card.

So this would have to be my best weekend buy 💁🏼‍♀️.

Why not checkout Chrissie’s Instagram?

Lots of Love



George Home Haul

I had a little trip to our Asda Living store on Saturday 15th July, as I had spotted some Reed diffuses on a Instagram account I follow and they were on sale at £1 each, yes a £1!! So I picked up 3, one of each scent Wild Jasmine, Sweet Mulberry and the classic Vanilla scent,  I also had a good look round the home section while I was there.  I do love Asda Living home section they have some lovely bits in at the moment, I could of spent more but the purse strings were limited!  I also picked up some wax-melts in Wild Jasmine and Sweet Mulberry at 50p each for 2.  Since picking 3 up on Saturday I picked up another 2 on Friday, for a £1 I couldn’t resist…

I carried on walking round and looking at the end of the aisle offers, and I’m glad I did as these caught my eye, two wooden love hearts, I have seen these before on Instagram but they were priced a little but more, so when I spotted them and priced at £6 I had to grab one.  They are lovely and solid, they look lovely on the window sill in the hallway with my set of 3 glass bottles from Poundland.

I also had a quick browse round the bedding, wasn’t planning on buying a new duvet set as I have three already and don’t really need another one, but the price caught my eye so I had to have a cheeky look, which I’m glad I did as it was £6 for a double and was quite a pretty duvet cover, so I picked one up.

Well that’s the George Home Haul done. Hope you have liked this post.. 

what home bargains have you picked up lately? 

Lots of Love




Poundland Shopping 

I’ve seen so many nice home bits on different people’s Instagram account and most of them are from Poundland, so I’ve been on the hunt in a couple of the Poundlands we have in Peterborough! I mean we have 5 in or around town, which I personally think is one too many???

Anyway back to my Poundland buys…  

Set of three bottles, with cute heart hanging detail, I’m not quite sure where I’m going to put them yet as need to have a sort out and get it looking homely.

I picked the above bits up aswell, they have some lovely bits in at the moment. The Buddha head I’ve put in my bathroom with some candles to make it a tranquil and relaxing place to go, and you wouldn’t think it would be a good quality but it’s really heavy and a right Bargain for £1!!!  I also love the vase too, I’m not sure whether to get another or not??

I also love the plaque quote again I’m trying to figure out where I want it to go..  And 2 picture frames for £1, I will definatly be getting a few more of these for my picture wall when I get round to getting time to start it!!! 

I just feel like I have no time at the min to do anything for my home or even for me! 




IPad Stand

I nipped into town on 24th June 2017 to have a browse and just to get out the apartment for a few hours.  I had to nip to the poundshop to get some some envelopes, so while I was in there I had a quick look round and I spotted this Tablet Stand and I thought for a £1 I’d give it ago, if it didn’t fit then it wouldn’t be a great loss.

As soon as I got home I tried it out, and firstly it fitted which made me excited!! And for such a small price it’s so useful as I don’t have an actual desk or blogging area, so if your looking for one and don’t want to spend a fortune get down to your local Poundland and get yourself one.

Real Christmas Trees

Hello my lovelies 😊

My friend & I went Christmas Tree hunting this afternoon, as she’s never had a real one and she said she wanted one for outside.

We had such a laugh trying to find the right one we both wanted… 

So it was an afternoon of Christmas songs and dressing the tree 🌲.  There some special baubles on the tree for loved ones ❤️ who aren’t with us anymore, so there with me on Christmas Day. 

I also brought a new Christmas bauble from Harrods, it’s so pretty 😊

I’m feeling a little festive now and also have 1 present under the tree too…

Hope your all having a good Saturday xx





I went for a cheeky little wander round Sloane Square Chelsea, just too see what was on offer shops wise.   I spotted a Zara and popped in, I had a little snoop round the home department as I didn’t know they did home.  I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular so it was just a browse, again i headed to the sale section nothing really jumped out at me, I had a good rummage and found this little find, a candle with a lace trim round the glass this was on Sale at £2.99 which I didn’t think was to bad as I wouldn’t spend £9.99 full price, I would of liked two the same but this was the only one they had. You could achieve this your self, as it looks quite easy to complete.

While I was queuing to pay for the candle I spotted these small baskets.  They would be great for a storage solution, I picked up two sale price of £4.99 but when I got to the till point they scanned at £2.99, wish i now picked up 2 more!!

As I started to head out the shop, I had to walk through the ladies clothing department where I caught eye of a pair of black heeled boots.  I just picked up a size 6 and headed to the till, and #shock they were on sale, priced at £19.99…

The boots were another impulse buy but an over all good shopping trip at Zara..

Happy Reading peeps

Lots of Love



Scrabble Crafts

I’ve been wanting to do a craft project for a little while, I have stuff to make candles which I haven’t done, to customise plain phone cases but again I haven’t done it.  

My next idea was scrabble word pictures, I’ve brought the frames, scrabble letters, wooden hearts and backing paper.  I just needed to actually get the activity started! I was at work one day in December and was talking with a colleague who said that he was going to get his wife one for Christmas I suggested to him I’d do it for him for free so I get the practise. Well this is the only chance I’ve had to do it.. So here is my 1st finished piece, not the best a few more to do to get it right…

 So I’ll keep practising and seeing how they turn out and possibly maybe sell them..

Money maker??

Happy Hump Day