Real Christmas Trees

Hello my lovelies 😊

My friend & I went Christmas Tree hunting this afternoon, as she’s never had a real one and she said she wanted one for outside.

We had such a laugh trying to find the right one we both wanted… 

So it was an afternoon of Christmas songs and dressing the tree 🌲.  There some special baubles on the tree for loved ones ❤️ who aren’t with us anymore, so there with me on Christmas Day. 

I also brought a new Christmas bauble from Harrods, it’s so pretty 😊

I’m feeling a little festive now and also have 1 present under the tree too…

Hope your all having a good Saturday xx





I went for a cheeky little wander round Sloane Square Chelsea, just too see what was on offer shops wise.   I spotted a Zara and popped in, I had a little snoop round the home department as I didn’t know they did home.  I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular so it was just a browse, again i headed to the sale section nothing really jumped out at me, I had a good rummage and found this little find, a candle with a lace trim round the glass this was on Sale at £2.99 which I didn’t think was to bad as I wouldn’t spend £9.99 full price, I would of liked two the same but this was the only one they had. You could achieve this your self, as it looks quite easy to complete.

While I was queuing to pay for the candle I spotted these small baskets.  They would be great for a storage solution, I picked up two sale price of £4.99 but when I got to the till point they scanned at £2.99, wish i now picked up 2 more!!

As I started to head out the shop, I had to walk through the ladies clothing department where I caught eye of a pair of black heeled boots.  I just picked up a size 6 and headed to the till, and #shock they were on sale, priced at £19.99…

The boots were another impulse buy but an over all good shopping trip at Zara..

Happy Reading peeps

Lots of Love



Scrabble Crafts

I’ve been wanting to do a craft project for a little while, I have stuff to make candles which I haven’t done, to customise plain phone cases but again I haven’t done it.  

My next idea was scrabble word pictures, I’ve brought the frames, scrabble letters, wooden hearts and backing paper.  I just needed to actually get the activity started! I was at work one day in December and was talking with a colleague who said that he was going to get his wife one for Christmas I suggested to him I’d do it for him for free so I get the practise. Well this is the only chance I’ve had to do it.. So here is my 1st finished piece, not the best a few more to do to get it right…

 So I’ll keep practising and seeing how they turn out and possibly maybe sell them..

Money maker??

Happy Hump Day



Yankee Candle Love

Two new scents to add to my collection….


Home sweet Home (A heartwarming blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea)  and one ready for Christmas, Christmas Eve (Traditional Christmas scent of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruits).

I have also added 2 x Winter Glow (A crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow-covered trees in the cool air, all warmed by golden amber sun rays) Votives which I currently have in my tealight holders, these smell beauts!

Hope you all have a great weekend..



Home Projects Update

I previously blogged on 7th Jan about 3 home projects that I had set myself.  The table & dressing table are still non starters.

The one that I have sort of made a start on is the picture wall.  I’ve changed the wall area in which I’m having it, I’m now having it on the opposite wall, I’ve started to collect some frames, various sizes and different colours and textures. It’s still in the progress stage as I’m still collecting frames, I’m hoping to be done by the end of May so I can get the ball rolling with the picture wall.

My two new projects are storage solutions for my necklaces and shoes, as I have a good few pairs and at the moment I have them in shoes boxes in my wardrobe, and in a corner of my bedroom which is abit of an isaw. I had originally thought of getting a shoe cupboard, but I’ve been searching the Internet and I have seen some quirky storage ideas which I think look quite good so I am going to go with that.

Here are some of the ideas which I am going to put in to action:



The above two pictures is using wall moulding, I have looked into this but it will work out quite expensive, and you have to glue and screw the moulding to the wall, so it could turn out to be a lot of work. So after the moulding idea going to pot, I looked on Amazon and have seen some Cafe Rods which can be used, so I am going to order a few and see how it goes and then put the hanging shoe storage under it. I have also thought about using the cafe rods to hang my necklaces, as I have a fair fewof them also, mainly Statement ones. At the min I have about 4 different areas where they are and it all looks a bit messy.


The above picture;  left hand side, is one solution I am going to do for my flip flops, sandals and pumps. I can then easily see what I have and they will be easy to get too. I can get some hangers from work which is a bonus so I won’t have to cut up some wire coat hangers, I will do before and after pictures and once the projects have been started I will do an update on how I’m getting on and how it looks when it’s all finished.

My ultimate goal would be a Carrie Bradshaw kinda Closet, like she has in SATC 2, but that’s a long way off yet…




Hope you’ve all had a great weekend..





Primark Living Haul

I popped into Primark yesterday, Sat 21st. I headed towards the small home section we have a Peterborough, I had no intention of buying just browsing but what happened? I ended up spending £24… So here are my purchases.



After looking round I picked up the ‘Amour’ bedding set.


Amour Set -Primark £11

I also picked up 2 cushions which go with the bedding set, the cushions were £4 each. I also brought some candles as well for the bedroom, I love candles, especially scented ones! The silver tea-lights were £1.50 which I don’t think they are really worth it, in my opinion anyway..

Top Silver Tea-light Holders – £1.50 each
Bottom Sweet Vanilla & Coconut Candles – £0.80 each
(They have a few different scents)

Here is the finished piece..


Hope you have enjoyed this blog post..
Have a good Sunday y’all



Home Projects

I’ve always loved the shabby chic look on pieces of furniture, and the ones I’ve looked at always seem to be expensive, hence the name of the blog..!!!

So I had a brainwave… And no these don’t happen very often! Ha
So I thought I’d buy a cheap dressing table and dining table and do them to a shabby chic effect. I’m hoping to get these started soon, as soon as the weather is better and I can get outside it starts…

Here are some before pictures of my projects:
Project One – Dining Table (Free)


Project Two – Dressing Table (£20)

Not quite sure how I’m going to do these, so any ideas welcome..

Project Three – Bare Wall into a Photowall.


So I’m currently on the hunt for photo frames, old, vintage brown light or dark. All different sizes.. So if you know of any for sale give us a shout as I’ll b interested..

Happy Reading