New Nails

My nails have been bare for bout 3 months now, which is very unlike me!  I would normally have gel polish done every month, with Various colours & designs..

I’ve been meaning to paint them for the last 3 weeks but haven’t actually done it, but today was the day well evening where I painted them and made them look pretty again. I chose the colour ‘Sweet Rose’ Pure Colour by New Look, and put a longwear gel top coat over the colour to make it last a little longer… 

I will get my gel nails done again, I’m quite liking the Rose Gold metallic.

Hope you’ve all had a great Sunday 😊😘

Lots of Love



OOTN 21st January 2017

I had my whole works company Christmas works do on 21st Jan 17.  Was at a local Marriott Hotel the event consisted of a 3 course meal, disco and games tables.  I booked a room as I took my friend Cheryl as my plus one as she need a good night out & a laugh.

I was going to wear the same dress I’d wore on my works meal in December, but I didn’t feel comfortable in it, even though I looked nice it, it was a body con type dress and I thought that I needed to lose a few more lbs before I wear it again!  So while I was at work one Sunday I spotted a little gold floaty number so I put it I in the hold cupboard.  But it was put out before I had the chance to buy it so I had to start looking again for a dress. I popped into New Look on Late night shopping on a Thursday, headed straight to the dresses in the sale to have a look to see what I can find, I pulled out two dress, both black. Out of the two I picked to try one I kept the one that’s in the below picture, as I felt good in it and it fitted perfect and not too short.

And the best thing about the dress was priced at £24.99, marked down to £11.  But i had a lovely surprise when I got to the till as it was reduced further to £8 which was a lovely surprised and I was well chuffed with that purchase.

PS. The dirt mark is on the mirror not the dress.. LOL

New Sale Haul

I’ve not done much sale shopping really, but I have picked a few things up from New Look, SHOCK! I picked a couple of bits up from Milton Keynes and also a couple of bits from Bridge Street, Peterborough

Middle / Black, Grey & White Casual T Shirt £3

Top Right / Grey Pumps – 915 range £8

Top Left / Beige Pumps £3
Left / Grey High Waisted Jeans £11

Right / Gold Sequin Detail Bag £9
Love this close up picture of the detail on the front of the bag.. Beautiful

I know that the sales are still on in New Look stores, well it is in Bridge Street Peterborough.  When I have some spare time and cash I need to have a good look thru to see if I can pick up any little bargains.  I do love a bargain, I mean who doesn’t!?

Lots of Love



Books I’m Reading

I’m currently reading ‘Fractured’ by Ruth Dee.  I’m halfway thru and hoping to finish it by the end of this week.  I have selected four books which I really want to read.  The four are pictured below and I’m setting myself a challenge to get at least three of these read by the end of March 17.

The 1st one I will read after I have finished ‘Fractured’ will be #GIRLBOSS, I’ve seen so many people having this book and have said its a really good read, so I’m excited to get started on it.What do you all think to the pic?  I’m trying to up my Blog pic game.  I need to get a few props for my pics, any suggestions of bits I can get?  I brought a book called ‘The Joy of iPhotography’ which I hope will help up my instagram and blog pictures.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, hope you all have a great Sunday

Lots of Love



Beauty & Hair Care by New Look

New Look Beauty has recently been re branded and have now added Bath, Hair and Body products too.

Hair Care

New Look’s Hair care products are suitable for all, whether you have long or short, curly or straight, coloured or natural.  The shampoos & conditioners are enriched with Vitamin B5 and also filled with natural ingredients which help scalp irritation, damage from heat and hair static.  I have recently brought Care & Rescue shampoo, Care & Repair conditioner and Root Rescue volumising dry shampoo.  As I work at New Look i get 50% staff discount so I thought I would give them a try, as I currently use L’Oreal Elvive for coloured hair and these cost between £2.50 to £4.00 each depending on what size I buy.  With dry shampoo i usually buy Batiste when ever it is on offer in Superdrug or Savers.  They currently have Batiste Rose Gold on offer at £1.25 and others at £1.48..

The only one I have used at the moment is the dry shampoo. It does what it says on the tin, and yes it made my look non greasy, I didn’t really notice the volumising as I have a lot of  hair and it is quite thick too, the only negative would be the smell, it wasn’t a pleasant smell but once its in your hair you can’t smell it.

Also available is a selection of hair brushes, well over 12 different types of brushes and combs to help style your hair.. So make dull, limp or lifeless hair a thing of the past!

Skin Care

I would like to try there skin care range also to see if it any good?  As I use Boots No7 range, which I’ll put my hands up I haven’t been religious in doing it daily, let alone weekly!  Which is bad as I have been getting a little dry skin on my forehead and cheeks so i need to start my daily routine again..  I’ll have to look into New Looks Skincare range and see which is best for my skin type and I’ll trial it for a month and see how my skin reacts to it, so keep your eyes peeled for a blog post coming soon..

Hope you all have enjoyed this post. Take care and have a great day..

Lots of Love